Churches badly need outdoor led church signs. For the reason that it needs people to know that there is a church nearby that people can go to pray, confess, spend some quiet time with the Lord and even just a simple roof to shelter from the rain until it passes by.

Why not just put the lights on the old sign you say? That is a good idea, but if there are harsher environments that your town or city will experience those lights will be one of the things that will go first. Those lights aren’t the most useful when it comes to the test of time that is why you need a new one. An LED that you can be sure that will always give light to the people that need to know where the church is.

Give the gift of light: A church has always been the perfect place to seek refuge, to surrender to the Lord, share your problems and confess your sins. If you are in some very hard times the church will always be there to help you, cater to you and offer you that promise by the Lord that he will not abandon you. For people at night and for people that don’t know the town all too well this might pose a problem, you need to let the people know that the church is open for their needs even at the dead of night.

Show the light: The light is always associated with God and the Lord. We always portray them as the one that gives this warm light on those cold, lonely and dark days. Show the people that there is light for the hungry, for the needy, for the people that need clothes and shelter, With an LED sign you can make sure that people will know where they can feed their hungry soul. You can always change the message easily from LED signs from almost any message that you wish to convey.

Enlighten the people that never saw the light: Show them that the mass is beginning, when days where the light of the sun seems to be dim. Show them that the light that is coming from the church provides them the light that guides them to the church and helps signal that the mass is already starting. With this flexibility, no non-LED signboards can do this.

Personalized message: You want to post the gospel today? now you can and easily too with the LED sign. help people get inspired, help people get thru tough times by letting them see the message of God for them even in the darkness of the night.

That is why you need to upgrade, for the followers, for the people that want to go to the church. The church just like any institution should be updated with the times on the means to spread God’s word. We have plenty of technology now to reach out as many people as we can about God’s word, and the new LED sign board can do that.