You may not be as excited about buying a new mattress or duvet covers when you buy a hamper basket. However, as a homeowner, you know that these baskets do serve a purpose. Such baskets can collect all the laundry from clothes, towels, linens, and even bed covers in a single location. This will prevent you from cluttering the bedroom or bathroom floor with your stuff. Hamper baskets can come in various shapes, designs, and colors.

The Right Size

The hamper basket you should buy must be able to accommodate a week’s worth of dirty laundry, if not more than that. Couples who are fond of presorting their laundry into darks and lights must look for a basket with two or more compartments. Apart from the size of the hamper, you must also take into account the area where the hamper basket will be placed. You have to measure the size of the closet area, the bathroom space, or the potential hamper area at home and compare it with the basket’s dimensions.


It has to have a durable design and be made of reliable and sturdy material for it to stand upright when full of clothes. Make sure to note the basket’s weight capacity before you buy one. It depends on the material they are made of, but some large baskets may not hold much weight. You may pick a rattan basket since it can hold a lot of laundry without sacrificing the look of your home.

The Home Design and Decors

Last but not the least, you have to find a hamper that goes well with your home design. This may not be as significant as one that is hidden in a closet or a laundry room. But the ideal hamper basket must have a color, material, and design that blends well with the rest of the entire home decor.


hamper baskets with lining are quite common, and this is for a good reason. It would be great to be able to quickly take laundry away from the hard-shelled basket. This makes it significant to find a hamper basket that serves as a good vessel with a soft liner bag. You can always find a choice of a hamper basket that is designed to do away with any excess effort when you do laundry.


Ventilation is another aspect that is often forgotten when buying a hamper basket. This may come from a wider weave of wicker or intentional holes in the hamper’s solid frame. Always make sure that there is a way for air to flow into the basket and from the basket toward the fresh air. Cotton liners found in wicker hampers or rattan baskets encourage airflow due to their breathable layers. In choosing a hamper basket, always seek out functionality, aesthetics, and portability.