Every so often a work of art is released that can be argued to be more or less transformative at this current point in time. What this essentially means is that watching this work of art is going to make you feel like you are never going to be the same again without a shadow of a doubt. Limo rides are really expensive so finding top notch content that you can watch in the midst of your limo ride is definitely something that is going to weigh rather heavily on your mind in a lot of different ways.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, you should take this choice really seriously if you want your experiences in Limos in New York City to be the best that they can possibly be. We actually have a recommendation for you that you can try out in your limo ride, and this recommendation is basically Inside by Bo Burnham. Most people would refer to this as a standup comedy special but we are of the opinion that it is far greater than this simplistic term would allow it to be.

Inside is basically a look inside a tortured mind, and it is something that pretty much every single person would be able to relate to at the very least to a certain extent given how the past year has gone for the vast majority of us. The special ends with a practically spiritual moment where it feels like you are right there in the room with Burnham, and once the special is over you might be inspired to do more with your life as well because of how good it is.