The high waisted pants seldom fall out of style, providing a lot of coverage structure to different body types. These high-waist jeans are also called high-rise jeans which you can’t beat because it’s classic. A fashion primarily worn by the greats in the 70s, high-waisted jeans are back on the trend among Gen Zers. High-waist jeans have a waistband that snaps the tiny part of your natural waist, above your belly button. The higher rise of this jean type creates an hourglass silhouette, highlighting a nipped-in waist to produce a fuller bust and hip lines.

High-waisted pants provide high coverage for your midsection in contrast to mid-rise and low-rise jeans. Straight-leg, high-rise pants were a well-known jeans style in the 90s and ’80s, earning the mom jeans moniker in the 2000s. High-waisted jeans are available in boot cut, skinny leg, wide leg, and flared styles. Boyfriend jeans are usually low-to-mid-rise, yet some modern boyfriend styles have a higher waistline.

Things you have to consider when looking for high-waisted jeans

            High-waisted jeans generally sit above the hip bone, yet the most ideal style is a pair that covers the navel. It is your choice, whatever style you want, high-waisted pants are a valuable wardrobe necessary that matches various body shapes. Check the tips below when buying high-waisted pants:

Choose the appropriate fit

  • You need to ensure the high-waisted jeans you choose fit you properly. The waistband must sit flush with your ribcage and the denim doesn’t bump much when you bend or sit over. While some high-waisted jeans have broad legs, look for a fit that’s quite slimmer on your thighs. Adjust the hem or inseam of your plants to match your body shape and height.

high waisted pants

Consider the length

  • High-waisted pants come in various styles and lengths, from full-length straight-leg jeans to cropped flares. You have to ensure that the length you pick matches the length of your legs and torso. Those with more petite frames like to get rid of high-waisted jeans that can shorten their frames.

All the fits (baggy, boot cut, slim, and more)

  • With lots of options available to choose from, you can look good with your favorite fits like boot cut, slim fit, flare jeans, and a lot more.


  • The most vital factor you must consider when buying jeans is fabric. The fabric plays a necessary role in making them comfortable, thus you have to look for material based on your needs. When looking for fabric, flexibility, and breathability are the key to comfort. The pants you have to look for are those high-quality.


  • High-waisted pants don’t have to be exclusively casual, you can change them into the formal or workplace occasion with polished accessories.