If you want to safeguard your courier business from getting wiped out by the unforeseen misfortunes that can occur at any time, you must get it insured. The right insurance package for you is one that covers the vehicles involved in the transportation, the drivers, and other employers and the goods.  No matter the size of your business or the number of people and vehicles you want to be covered, there are several things you can do to get cheap courier insurance premiums.

Van Size and Number

Courier insurance premiums are greatly affected by the van you are using. Using larger and more powerful vans will make you pay more for the insurance premiums. Likewise, using more vans will require you to pay more onthe premiums. You can reduce the insurance premiums by using a more practical van model and most useful number of vans.

Install Dash-Cam or Telematics

Having the right tech gadgets installed in your vehicle can also help lower your insurance premiums. A telematics box aids to monitor and record your car erratic driving, speed, and braking. It enables the insurance company to analyze your driving abilities to determine how high or low to set the insurance premiums. A dash-cam record every event that occurs while you’re driving. It helps make it easy for the insurance company to know how careful you are while on the road so that they can set the insurance premiums.

Drive Carefully

Having many endorsements on your driving licenses resulting from driving offenses can raise your insurance premiums significantly. Insurance companies are wary when insuring drivers who have many driving offense records. If you have lots of driving offenses, insurance companies will set your premiums quite high since they see you as a potential threat. To keep your premiums low and save your courier business unnecessary expenses, you must ensure everyone who drives your vans is a careful driver with no driving offenses.

Keep Your Vans Safe

Every driver on the road is prone to be hijacked, and your courier van drivers are not an exception. As well, when not well parked, vans can be the target for thieves. To secure your courier vehicles and minimize the risk of them getting stolen, you have to consider installing professional alarms and immobilizers. You should always ensure the vans are parked safely in places with tight security measures in place.

Insurewith Total Insurance

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