It is always quite a spectacular treat when you remember that there are millions of different species around the world. Some of them are simple and small that they are barely noticeable. While others are so massive that they can strike both fear and wonder to the hearts of millions.

This is the case when you consider the one and only majestic whales. They are the largest species of animals or even living things in the entire world. We are literally nothing more than just a small speck compared to their size. This is why it is important for us to remember that we are nothing more than just a small part of the world around us. In fact, we should take the time to appreciate the world for what it has to offer by admiring it as much as possible.

This is why you should consider taking the services of Reel Affair’s whale watching activity. Everything that you could possibly need to appreciate these gorgeous creatures is provided for you in this one of a kind experience. All you need to do now is to schedule your next trip and watch these majestic whales swim all around you.

Reel Affair

Widest Array of Whales Encountered

The Merimbula coast is home to some of the largest array of different sea creatures around the world. You can expect to find plenty of different fishes and such roaming about the shores while you are on the charter boat. That is one of the reasons why this is considered a fisherman’s paradise as there are thousands of species to catch.

Although, that is not the target in today’s itinerary. Instead, you are going to be experiencing something truly breathtaking. That can only be achieved when you start to realize the abundance of whales flooding about the areas at select times. These magnificent creatures would surround your area as you get to see them roam all around you. This is truly a spectacular experience and a definite must on your bucket list.

Complete Amenities Included

When you employ the services to use their charter boat, you are not just relegated to a bland boat and nothing else. Their boats are fully equipped with everything you could ever want while taking a break or waiting for the whales to show up.

You have amenities such as coffee, tea, some light snacks to help perk your trip up. Not only that but you are also accompanied by a professional crew that is not only there for your safety. But they also provide the commentary and information that you may have with these creatures.

You can expect to see the widest array and number of whales during the months of September, October, and November.