A helicopter appealing to fliers frequently possesses quite an efficient framework, which really will go to Walkera V450D03, a 3D helicopter with 676g in general length and 816g in weight with battery included. The disc head showcasing super low CG helps it be pretty steady even traveling by air in turbulent outdoor. Implementing new flybarless system, the helicopter can be endowed with faster response and higher flight effectiveness.

What’s even more, Walkera V450D03 especially utilizes integrated trip control program with era 2 six-axis gyro which includes the receiver. Therefore the copter can instantly right its attitude when traveling by air into the wrong path simply by accident. On account of the changeable gyro, regular flights and also fancy tricks all could be achieved in fewer problems of the procedure. In an additional world, this is the 3D helicopter suitable for both newbies and superiors.

The normal trip like rising, descending, turning left/right, moving forward/backward can be reached without sticking a coming. What’s more, Walkera V450D03 is capable of aerobatics such as hanging, moving, 360º rotating, flicking, crabbing, pitching, vertical traveling by air and also inverted flying. Allow alone, the helicopter enables to reach a number of tricks concurrently, like up and down soaring, 360º rotating and crabbing can be reached collectively. Even more terrific stunts are allowed actually!

Some information about Walkera V450D03: the brushless engine ensures stronger power, whilst driven system guarantees easy adjustment, stable trip, and low noise. The separated design of carbon dietary fiber and skid landing makes it easy to take apart as well as preserve. In the meantime, the skid getting may greatly decrease the unexpected effect. The main cutter adopts fresh compound co2 fiber materials possesses better rigidity and durability, which usually can survive many accidents.

Last but not least, 26g high-speed digital servo as well as end servo features high rpm and fast response, causing in mad flight and precise end lock. Backed by high-capacity Li-polymer electric battery, Walkera V450D03 provides you with 8 minutes trip if fully charged. Pertaining to the sake of its huge body, the helicopter much more suitable to fly outdoor.

In addition, Walkera V450D03 utilizes the latest trip control program with era 2 six-axis gyro adding with the recipient. This can be can instantly correct trip attitude when flying into wrong path by the incident. On account of the changeable gyro, the helicopter is a lot easier to reach every kind of basic plane tickets and 3D stunts in comparative stability and level of sensitivity, which dramatically decreases the problem of operation for every flier.

A normal flight like increasing, descending, turning left/right, shifting forward/backward is easily and stably achieved. What is even more, Walkera V450D03 can be able of fancy tricks such as hovering, moving, 360º rotating, and flicking, crabbing, soaring, pitching mainly because well as inside-out soaring. The most astonishing issue is, this copter enables achieving many stunts at the same time. Pertaining to instance, low-hovering and crabbing integrate, or crabbing, soaring and rolling bears together.

Believe it or not, Walkera V450D03 can be a remarkable controllable THREE DIMENSIONAL helicopter. In terms of its size, the RC Helicopter is more suitable for soar outdoor. There is simply no need to be concerned any protection problem, actually, you’re basic pilots. Implementing tough co2 fiber main cutter and durable canopy, this helicopter can survive many accidents in fact!