The office desk telephone has been an essential item in businesses for years. But, in this era of smartphones, they have become outdated. The world has been changing rapidly with the evolution of technology, which has converted the world into a global village, allowing you to communicate from anywhere. A better communication process is the key to the growth of the business. Communication has been taking place over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as voip international call rates are cheaper and beneficial in so many ways for businesses.

What is VoIP?

Business communication has been revolutionized with VoIP which has been replacing the traditional phone systems.

Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to make calls over the internet. It works by converting your voice into digital signals and sending it to the receiver. As long as you have a good and stable internet connection, you can make calls from anywhere anytime.

As VoIP utilizes the internet connection to make phone calls, you can easily contact your overseas clients and partners at lesser rates as compared to the landlines. From startups to small businesses, everyone has been accepting this technology.

voip international call rates

Features of VoIP system

A VoIP system has so much to offer to your business that you can only think of. Some of them are mentioned below here:

  • Voice calls and voicemails
  • Video conferencing and calls
  • Call routing, parking, and forwarding
  • Advance call management
  • Texting, notifications, and alerts
  • Call screening, recording, and rating
  • Auto-attendant, VoIP caller ID, and speed caller
  • Mobile apps and whatnot.

Why does your business need VoIP?

IP phone systems reduce the overall costs in many aspects. There is no need for physical space as they all are virtual. The communication costs are also reduced in comparison to the regular phone calls.

The reasons for cheaper VoIP international call rates are many that are discussed right below:

  • No installation cost is needed
  • No need for the on-site PBX system
  • No maintenance
  • No IT knowledge and training cost

With these benefits, it also gives a high-quality call to all your employees. Now isn’t that what every business needs?

The best VoIP phone systems

Velox Networks provides your business with one of the best VoIP services in Singapore. You cannot go wrong with Velox. It provides a low-cost system and leverages cloud technologies to deliver a seamless experience for the users. You can make effortless calls in and out of Singapore in a fraction of a minute.