It is better to innovate what gears you need when equipping your personal fitness equipment or home gym. As you don’t have enough space compared to the gyms, it can accommodate all the gym equipment. But to help you to limit your choices, you can have these guidelines on what exercise gym tools you need to have in your gym. But you don’t need everything on this list as you only need to have a basic setup. All you need to have is a bench, a set of dumbbells, and more to give you a good workout every day.

Training bench

You can adjust the training bench to your liking while doing a weight exercise. You can change its backrest and have it in a flat position to an incline. Since it is adjustable, you can use it depending on what exercise you do. The tools are available online, so you have to look for the best durable material, and it is easier to adjust the bench.

Dumbbells set

It is one of the necessary exercise tools you need to invest in. You have to buy a set of dumbbells to have different weights, from light to heavy, and it will depend on you on what weight you will have to use each day. Since it has extra weight, it also has different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose what type of material it is made and its physical appearance.

Barbell set

You will have choices when you buy a barbell set: the squat rack, Olympic bar, bench press rack, and removable plates when you can afford to buy it. You can also buy a fixed set or adjustable barbells that have a smaller bar, and essentially you need to have a rack for the storage.

exercise gym tools

Kettlebell set

The kettlebell is the alternative to dumbbells because it hits different muscle profiles. So when you like to have a specific part of your body that you need to work out, you can use the kettlebell set. But it is not necessary to have it in your gym, but it is worth buying for. It is the same as dumbbells, with different sizes, shapes, and weights.

Fitness ball

You can do different exercises when using a fitness ball, especially the core exercises. It can add additional stability challenges to moves such as plank knee tucks, bicep curls, or dead bugs. It is an essential gym tool that you need to have.


Adding smaller equipment such as rollout wheels, bands, and tubs is ideal for resistance and rehabilitation. They are perfect when you like to work on your glutes.