Self-sustainability is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce individual or social use of Earth’s natural resources and personal resources as well. The methods of self – sustainability try to reduce emissions of carbon compounds by changing the mode of transport and use of energy and food. According to precise fixture installation there are ways in which we can contribute to save our planet.

Those who are interested in sustainability live their lives in accordance with the “Ecology”, following its cycles. A self-sustaining life and the ability to satisfy personal needs and the needs of households without taking help and resources beyond the scope of this household. It relies on a variety of knowledge and skills, as well as the desire of individuals and communities to independence.

Building with natural and recycled materials:

Materials for ecological construction

Self-sustaining houses should be built from materials found in the nature. Chemical materials consume our energy and are consequently not organic. For thousands of years,people used materials such as wood, stone, earth, clay and others to build homes. Today there are so many post-products of our civilization that can be found everywhere. These are the natural resources of modern man. These materials and the techniques of their use are available to us at a certain price.

The basic materials for the construction of a sustainable home can be found at the location where we plan to build in. Earth, clay and stone are available to every builder.

Walls can be built from other materials such as baled straw, logs, bags filled with earth, all of that is certainly available to all of us, as well as the construction methods that are available on the Internet.

Natural materials

Many natural materials have characteristics necessary for the construction, that will help you build an ecologically healthy house, they must have exactly the right properties. Materials must be harmonized with the natural environment. Many materials used today have the same properties as the natural materials.

Materials can befound everywhere. Their transfer to long distances is not environmentally justified and for that purpose are used excessive amounts of energy. Construction materials must be easily accessible to the ordinary man and its use should have little impact on the energy situation of the planet. The process of its modeling in the form of use should spend little or no energy. This would lead to protecting the environment, and save our planet. The number of people interested in this process is growing from day to day.

Wood is organic and biodegradable. It disappears over time, and people came up with a variety of toxic chemicals to anoint its longevity. Not to mention that trees produce oxygen. In our environment,we should look for materials which by their nature can not last. Wood is a good material where weight plays a significant role and where they will not be exposed to destructive factors, so it is not necessary to additionally provide other chemicals.