Hemp flower is one of the most popular hemp accessories derived from the cannabis plant. Scientific research indicates that it acts as a mood elevator and provides immediate relief from symptoms of depression.

Of all the CBD products like oils, tinctures, vapes, edibles, concentrates, etc., hemp flowers offer some creative ways of consuming it and enjoying its benefits. Here are some ways to use hemp flower:

As Tea

The easiest way to consume hemp flowers is by adding them to any tea you drink daily.  You can blend it with the regular tea leaves or dust you use to make your noon tea. You can also add it to green tea to make a great cup of delicious tea.

You can also make black tea or tea with milk and sugar, all of which go well with versatile hemp accessories like the flower. It goes well with chamomile to ensure a good night’s repose.

As a Bath Scent

All you need to do is add a handful of hemp flowers to your bathtub as warm water fills up in the tub. Hemp flowers go well with regular bathing salts and provide a soothing and relaxing effect when added to your bathwater.

A warm bath with hemp flowers soaked bath water helps refresh you and elevates your mood. While instantly energizing you, hemp flowers in your bath water help overcome your anxiety and manage stress.

In Coconut Oil

Hemp flowers added to heated coconut oil makes excellent medicated oil, which you can apply all over the body before a massage. This medicated hemp-coconut oil can also be applied to the hair and massaged in an hour before you shower. When mixed with coconut oil, the CBD content in hemp flowers penetrate deep into the skin via the pores, energizes the entire body, and acts as a great de-stressing agent.

In Honey

Hemp flowers soaked in organic honey can be consumed directly to get the hemp flowers’ maximum effect. You may have to pre-heat the honey slightly before adding the hemp flowers to add the flowers’ essence to the honey. This concoction can be stored in an air-tight bottle and used within a few weeks – two teaspoons of this delicious concoction act as an excellent energizer and mood elevator.

As Food Seasoning

You can sprinkle crushed or powdered hemp flowers on any salad to make it tastier and more exciting. The hemp flowers can also be sprinkled on any dish you prepare, though you have to add it when your dish is almost done to retain the flavor and essence. Besides adding to the taste and flavor of the dish, you can enjoy the medicinal benefits of hemp flowers along with your daily meal.

Additive to Lotions

Hemp flowers blend well with skin lotions. You may have to empty the lotion into a container and add the hemp flowers and allow them to soak for a while. Applying the hemp flower-soaked lotion on sore muscles and joints provides almost instant relief from the pain.

Summing it Up

Hemp flowers have all the medicinal benefits provided by CBD and can be used in various ways. They can be ingested along with your daily meal or used as a poultice or skin application to manage pain.