Until recently, the only way to truly learn to play the piano or keyboards was to attend regular weekly lessons with a trained professional piano teacher. There were always self-taught students, but it was generally easier and more effective to go to an ordinary teacher. With the latest technological advances, it’s entirely possible to have high-quality audiovisual piano lessons downloaded to your computer that are just as effective as attending standard piano lessons with a teacher.

Of course, the best way to learn how to play the piano is to learn from an expert.

Unfortunately, even group lessons with such instructors can be expensive, not to mention individual lessons. It is the advantage of an online course. The big advantage of online piano courses is that they allow the best Piano course teachers to be available at an affordable price to ordinary people like you and me. A great instructor still teaches you, but the price is very affordable.

The currently popular home-study courses are available for learning to play the piano consist of a series of audio and video files that can be played on a computer or burned to a standard DVD. The best courses are well designed and will take you from an absolute beginner level to a very high intermediate level. The material is usually divided into lessons with a short video showing what to do and a series of audio files with additional examples and explanations.

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Learning piano is highly convenient and more flexible than the traditional learning method with piano lessons. If you did not have time to master the material in the previous lesson, you could spend a little more time on it. Conversely, if you’re ready to move on to the next lesson, you don’t have to wait for next week’s piano lesson; you can continue when you’re ready.

The teaching method is also highly economical. A typical homeschooling course costs about one or two lessons with a regular piano teacher, and you will get the equivalent of many months or years of piano lessons. Another benefit is that home study courses seem to take a non-traditional approach to Learn piano Hong Kong .


Using a piano course to study at home can be complete as you learn how to read sheet music, play the chord charts and improvise. You should also be taught how to play different styles and genres. It is entirely possible to use these courses to go from a complete beginner to a very high intermediate level player.