Safety rails are also known as Grab bars and are secured tracks as they are typically mounted on the wall, ceiling, or the floors. It helps the weak, disable, or older adults with individual safety access and navigate room and facilities. They come in different sizes and capacities from small, light duty to heavy duty. They help in supporting arms, fixed handrails to fully adjustable, track mounted, and “flexible” grab bar systems. They can be found around showers, toilets, and sinks and changing tables. The best part is they provide a challenge to individuals with limited mobility, balance, and strength. Now, let’s learn more about safety rails for bathrooms.

Who Benefits of Safety Rails for Bathrooms?

Bathroom grabs are beneficial from the security for the elderly and disable people, especially those who have a hard surface and water present. But some people find it difficult as they would not be able to move around safely and independently, putting them in risk.

  • Disabled/ Weekend Person: Grab bars are perfect for those who are disabled ad week. It allows people with limited mobility to perform their daily tasks efficiently and without requiring anyone’s existence. These rails, if installed around the showers and tubs, help them bathe safely, and bars around the toilets can help them use restroom privately and comfortably.
  • Elderly: Older adults are injured because of the falls. Secured mounted grab bars near showers and bathrooms can allow people to perform their day to day tasks. By maintaining their safety and help them be independent.
  • Caregivers: They use safety rails around the changing tables and showers to help them maintain their balance as they can assist their patients and reducing the risk of injury. They can be the best gift which can be given to many professional, friends, and family members who care for disable individual. These bars are found in different shapes and sizes, with a diverse range of functions and capacities.

safety rails for bathrooms

  • Straight Grab Bars: These are the basic types of grab bars. They range from small handgrips to wall lining safety rails. They are mounted and fixed in a specific location.
  • Support Arms: They should be approachable form distance, for e.g., toilets, tubs, and shower chairs. These models are mounted into a fixed position, and the facilities are available in space, which is limited.
  • Adjustable Support Arms: These bars are used to help multiple patients like hospitals, assisted care facilities. They are the ones who offer an adaptable and flexible grab bar system. They are not attached directly to the wall. They support arms attached to secure mounted track. They can be adjusted both the ways i.e., horizontally and vertically.
  • L-Shaped Grab Bars: These rails are protruded horizontally on the walls, and they can bend down at a right angle and are fixed to the floor. They are usually around the showers and tubs.

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