Over the past decade, Melbourne’s population has grown faster compared to any other Australian city. With its population now sitting over five million and continually increasing, by 2030, it can overtake Sydney as Australia’s largest city.

In such a populated city, housing hundreds of businesses and brands, the digital platform has proved to be a game-changer in deciding a brand’s success.  With more than one billion YouTube users, video marketing is now the most effective way to seek customers.

You can work with experts in a Melbourne video marketing agency to create different types of videos to boost your social marketing potential in Melbourne.

Here are some types of social media marketing videos that will work for your brand:

Product Videos

71% of the overall population in Melbourne and Australia are active on social media. Out of this, 33% use the internet to look for information and reviews about brands.

If you are a part of the bustling Central Business District in Melbourne, one way you can stand out and attract more customers is through product videos. In video marketing, product videos have proved to be a great way to boost conversion rates.

Showing the audience a video of the product will create a strong impact when they make their purchase decision. You can work with any professional Melbourne video marketing agency to create an attractive product video to boost social marketing potential.

Informative Q & A Videos

If you are a small business based in Melbourne Docklands or St. Kilda, those are areas where there is a heavy footfall of the working sector, college students, and tourists. As some of them will be new to the place, they may have questions regarding your brand.

Informative Q& A sessions or an interview is a great way to engage the audience and answer their questions. You can plan for an on-screen chat or collect questions from the audience and answer it in the video. This will bring you closer to the customers and build a sense of trust regarding your brand.

Behind The Scene Videos

Queen Victoria Market, South Yarra, and Armadale host many local small businesses sought after by the residents. If you are a local business, behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos will bring a significant change to your brand’s social marketing potential.

Customers are always intrigued to have a look at what is going on behind the curtains. This way, you get a chance to highlight your company culture and establish a connection with the audience. Showing your new product and office tours are some excellent ideas for BTS videos.

How-Tos & Tutorials

Imagine being a favourite karaoke joint in Chinatown, Melbourne, known for your dumplings. With the DIY trend rocking the world, if you upload a video showing “How to make dumplings from scratch” to your site, it is naturally going to lure in your favourite customers as well as new potential customers.

As this type of content is the most-searched-for on the internet, if you do it right, it has the potential to be an incredibly successful way of social marketing. You can work with experts in a Melbourne video marketing agency to develop innovative conceptual videos.

One in three users in Melbourne is turning to social media for gathering information about brands. Only when you offer them entertaining, inspiring, and educating videos of high-quality and creativity will you be able to boost your social marketing potential.