There are many people who need to print the documents frequently. However, it is really irritating that when one wants to print the document and all of a sudden the connected printer shows offline. One gets surprised, that how the printer went offline, without giving any message to the system. Well, this can be a system error, and one can surely overcome it with the help of some troubleshooting the offline printer Mode. With the help of a few steps, one can overcome this situation.

troubleshooting the offline printer Mode

Check these options as they can help one get the printer back to normal.

  • Status of the printer: One first needs to check the status of the printer on the system. If it is not showing there, it indicates that there is some problem with the drivers of the printer. Hence, just fix them and get the printer back. Now just check the system as it must show the printer there. Now restart the printer and prepare it for printing. Just move to the control panel and click on the printers and faxes. Here with the help of the right click, set the printer as the default printer. Also, check that the printer must not be set to use the printer offline and there must not be a check on pause printing also. If it is the case, just uncheck it and move ahead. Just try to a print a test page. If one can print the concerned page, it means the printer is set online now. In case it is not resolved, try another step.
  • Another step is to reinstall the printer. For reinstalling just visit the control panel, and have right click on the option of remove or uninstall. Once it is removed, reinstall the printer. Now just restart the printer. In case one is using wi-fi connection just checks that the connection is on. The system, as well as printer, must have the wi-fi connection on. Here one must choose the wireless option and try to print. If the concerned page gets printed, it shows the printer is online now. If still, the problem persists, just try another solution.
  • Another option here is the selection of the port. Be sure that the right port is selected where the printer is connected. Just check the port first, with which the printer is connected. For this, one can go to control panel and click on printer and faxes. Here one needs to select the right printer and move to ports tab. Here one needs to add the port. Click on Standard TCP/IP Port and click New Port. Now just check that the printer is set Try to print a test page. If gets printed, one is through with his printer settings.

Despite all these options and troubleshooting, if the problem persists and the printer is not through, just ask an expert as there must be some technical problem which needs to be resolved by an expert only. Hence, to set the printer, just get an expert who can help one and restore the printer to online.