Don’t you all like experimenting with your home interiors to give them a new feel and appearance? During the pandemic, many people took the effort to realise that their homes needed a makeover and have made many online purchases to modify their homes. Living in the same house for more than a decade can make you feel bored of it. Therefore, to keep the walls and interiors of your house alive, you need to make changes. So, do you have any notions about how you can give your home a makeover?

You might have heard of the term ‘removable wallpaper’ or have searched for it online. They are the perfect solution to cover the walls and ceiling of your home. People who like to experiment with the interiors of their homes love to buy reusable wallpapers that can modify the appearance and vibe of a place. Instead of having plain and boring walls, you can opt to purchase temporary wallpapers with beautiful prints that can add a little spunk to your dull life.

Before you order temporary wallpapers for your house, here are a few points that you might want to consider.

Stunning Temporary Wallpapers

  1. The colour of the furniture

You can’t replace the furniture of your home. And neither can you frequently spend to change it’s cushioning and covers. So, when selecting wallpaper for your bedroom, living room or any other area of your house, make sure you keep in mind the colour and design of your furniture. You can find more than one wallpaper that would excellently match your furniture. For instance, if you have a grey couch, you can go for a bright yellow wallpaper to compliment each other well.

  1. Go with large scale patterns in bright colours

Instead of choosing a wallpaper with small and congested patterns, look for a wallpaper with more prominent patterns and a nice dazzling colour. Large designs make the room look more distinguished, and bright colours enlighten the mood. A wallpaper with a combination of large prints and effervescent colours will make any space lively and happy. For a formal room, wallpaper with highlighted designs is perfect.

  1. Do not pick overly designed wallpapers and neither pick under-designed wallpapers

The wallpaper style has a significant role in giving a good look and feel to any closed space. Overcrowded designs and patterns can give a person a feeling of restlessness. In contrast, an underdone style and motifs can make a room look dull. Choose a moderately designed wallpaper to provide a good overall feel.

How many rolls of removable wallpaper would you need to cover the wall?

To calculate how much wallpaper rolls you would need to cover up the entire wall in a respective room, you need to follow some steps.

Step 1: Calculate the square ft. area from one corner to the other. Take a measuring tape, measure the wall horizontally, and multiply the two figures to get the wall’s actual space.

Step 2: Divide the figure you get with 25 to get the average square footage area of a single wallpaper sheet.

Step 3: Once you get the final figure, and if it is in a fractional form, take it to the following highest whole number to get the absolute number of rolls required.

Now that you know how to calculate the number of removable wallpaper sheets required, you can easily do the math and order the wallpapers online. You can find quite a few companies that sell temporary wallpapers. Check out the latest trends in wallpapers from a trusted source and buy wallpaper sheets to transform your home walls.