The sun is a big part of renewable energy, and many homes and businesses are turning to solar energy. It is a cheap and almost limitless resource that doesn’t make harmful emissions that can harm the environment.

How well-informed are you on solar energy, its applications, and its benefits? Continue reading to discover some surprising solar-energy facts.

The Solar Energy Concept Dates Back to the 7th Century

The idea of amplifying the sun’s beams to create fire has been around since the 7th century. Even though solar panels did not develop until much later, there are indications of solar energy utilization throughout history.

1954 – The Year the First Solar Cell was Invented

As far back as 1839, the idea of the photovoltaic effect has been around. Bell Laboratories made the first silicon solar cell in 1954, and it worked. There has been a lot of growth in the use of cleaner and more environmentally friendly energy ever since.

Solar Power Has Been in Space for Years

NASA immediately grabbed on the technology once the first silicon solar cell was invented in 1954. Vanguard 1, the oldest artificial satellite remaining in orbit, was powered by it. Through the years, it has traveled over 10 billion kilometers.

The Sun Is a Super Generator

We could collect enough energy to power our world in just one hour if we had the technology to capture every single beam of light sent across the planet by the sun. Every day, the sun feeds us with 430 quintillion watts of energy. That’s 430, plus another 18 zeroes.

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Solar Panels don’t Need Direct Sunlight

The main issue is usually what happens on overcast days or how efficient these lights may be at night when it comes to solar energy. However, with a good battery backup, this energy can be stored quite well. Furthermore, these solar panels can capture solar energy even on cloudy days.

Solar Panels are No-Maintenance, not Low-Maintenance

These panels are built to last a long time and need to be cleaned occasionally. However, the batteries do not need to be frequently replaced or repaired and last for years.

Surprising Solar-Energy Facts About a Solar Power Aeroplane

The Solar Impulse 2, an airplane, flew powered entirely by solar energy around the world in early 2016. Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg landed in Abu Dhabi and made headlines for solar energy potential. The flight took 505 days to complete, covering 26,000 miles (42,000 km) at 45 mph (70 kph).

Reducing CO2 Emissions

We all know that solar energy is clean, but we often neglect to inquire about the exact figures. You are not adding any pollution to the environment by using solar energy, and you are simply lowering the emissions created. Within 30 years, a solar-powered home can reduce CO2 emissions by 100 tons.

Community Solar Power

Many homes are hesitant to install solar panels because they may be inconvenient. However, the notion of community solar power has been around since 2019. The concept is to build large solar farms in one location to benefit a whole community.

Solar Is Versatile

We hope you have enjoyed these solar-energy facts!

Solar energy has advanced dramatically due to the rising demand for green energy and technological developments. As a result, many products are now available which are solar-powered. In addition, as solar energy becomes more adaptable, practically every electrical device now has a solar-powered variant.

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