Every day, the average office worker gets 121 emails.

If you’re going to be sending a lot of emails, you may be wondering what tips there are for writing an email.

Thankfully, we have the perfect guide on how to write an email, so keep reading for some great tips!

1. Have a Good Subject Line

The subject line of the email is the first thing that your readers will see, and they’ll get their first impression from that. So if you want people to open your email, you should create subject lines that are proven to have a higher open rate.

You may need to test out different subject lines to figure out how your email performs. For example, you could try a mysterious subject line. These are normally only a few words and leave the reader with a question they can only find if they open your email.

If you want more of a minimalist approach, you can try using only one word in your subject line. You may even want to use numbers or lists as well.

2. Write a Good Greeting

Once the recipient opens your mail, they should be able to see a good greeting.

You might want to use something formal, like Dear Mr. or Mrs. You should make sure that you get their name and gender right before you do that.

If you make a mistake like that right at the beginning, they likely won’t continue reading the email. It also just shows carelessness. If you can’t

3. Use a Good Signature

Make sure that you also use a good signature for your mail. You might want to close with something like, “Best regards,” or “Thank you.”

You should also add your name after the closing. To avoid having to do that all of the time, you can set up an automatic schedule at the bottom of your mail that will send every time.

4. Have a Good Tone

If you’re sending a mass email campaign, make sure that you have a good tone that matches the brand of your company.

This will reach subscribers in the perfect way. You may have to experiment a little bit to find out what the right tone is. But once you find it, stay consistent with it so that subscribers know what to expect when they open your email.

This is a great way that you can stand out amidst all the other mass emails people get.

5. Be Professional and Personal

One hard thing to do when writing an email is balancing professional and personal. You want them to be professional, but you also don’t want to come across as cold and uncaring.

To be professional, try to avoid using a lot of exclamation points, random capitalization, and emojis. This isn’t like texting. You shouldn’t be using smiley faces or emoticons unless you’ve already established a pattern with the recipient.

Don’t be afraid to use the first person in your message to make it more personable. Say something like “I hope this mail finds you well” or “Have a great holiday” can really help make you seem more approachable.

6. Find a Purpose

Your email should also have a purpose and try and just limit it to one purpose.

Each email that you write should only be about one thing or request, otherwise, people will get confused and may not answer all of your questions or understand what you’re asking for. For example, if you need to send an email to set up a meeting and then another email to ask for revisions, those should be two separate emails.

This way, it’s easier to understand what the email is asking for and then send a prompt reply. All of this can help with productivity as well.

If you are going to ask for multiple things, make sure that you put them in a numbered list or a bullet point.

7. Add Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are a great and easy way to share information. You can add them in a way that makes your email look nice and neat as well.

For example, all you have to do is highlight the text that you want to link, and then press the button to add a hyperlink. That way, the text is easily clickable, and people won’t have to copy and paste a URL into their browser.

For a shortcut, you can also hit Control and K to add a hyperlink to any type of text as long as it’s highlighted.

8. Proofread

This might be the most important step of any email. Always read your email one to two times before you send it.

This can be a hard habit to build for some people, but it will really help the way you communicate. You’ll be able to see incorrect grammar, mistakes, and typos before someone else finds them.

When you send a nice email with no typos, you’ll come across as more professional and respected.

There are all kinds of technology to help you with proofreading as well. For example, most emails have an automatic spelling checker built-in, but you should always do a quick sanity check as well.

Discover More Tips on Writing an Email

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