We live in a fast-paced world where most people are busy with their hectic daily routines, from rushing to get to work in the mornings to hustling back home to make dinner. One hardly gets ample time to organize a home and keep it tidy. And if you have small kids, a neat and clean house is even harder to imagine. Contrary to what we tell ourselves, getting organized is not very hard. Doing the whole house at once may feel like a burden. The easy way is to start slow and manage your way around the entire house. With a few budget-friendly hacks, you can finish in no time.

 Here are the top seven home organization tips for less:

  1. Clean Out Space

The first and most crucial step of any organization spree is cleaning your space. We all have a hoarding tendency that prevents us from giving things away. If you want your house organized, you have to overcome it. Clean out the rooms one by one and sort them. Clothes, shoes, and accessories that are not in use must go. It would help if you stored seasonal clothes that are not needed at the moment separately. To create additional space in your closet, you have to keep unused items in a storage facility. To find an affordable option, search online storage near me to see different storage locations in your area that offer newcomer deals. This way, the extra stuff won’t clutter around the house, and your belongings will be secure.

  1. Use Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are a great option to make your home look. From the kitchen to the dresser, you can use these for organizing all the draws around your house. The best part? Even the most popular draw organizers are very affordable. And if you don’t want to purchase, you always make some yourself. And unlike the store-bought dividers, you can also customize them according to your draw size.

  1. Arrange The Power Cords

Hardware cords and wiring are the most unsightly clutter in your home. Use cord holders to keep the extra power cables from spiraling all over. You can either purchase them from the store or DIY some yourself. Here’s an idea. Decorate the empty toilet paper tubes and use them as holders. They will not only keep them organized but also prevent tangling. Another creative way to keep the cords in order is to store them in a container to save them out of sight. Or you can also disguise them to act as a part of the décor.

  1. Get A Shower Caddy

Shampoos, body washes, conditioners, and other shower items randomly kept in the bath doesn’t look good at all. They take over the whole space and keep falling over. The solution to avoid this clutter is a shower caddy. You can easily purchase them from dollar stores at a lower price.

  1. Make Plastic Crates Shelves

You may have noticed the plastic fruit crates around supermarkets and your local farmer’s market. They are an excellent organization tool. You can join them together, turn on the side, and install them on the wall to function as a cohesive shelving unit. These look great, especially in the kids’ room. They can keep their toys and books in them to keep their rooms clean and organized.

  1. Use Hooks And Pegboard

Culprits like hats, bags, and jackets not only take up much space in your closet, they also make it appear messy. To store them in a tidy fashion, use hooks and a pegboard. Install the pegboard along any of the walls in your closet or bedroom and hang these up. You can also hang your accessories over it for more comfortable reach. The idea works well in the kitchen too. Hang up your utensils in an artful way to create a display.

  1. Install Shelf Risers

We all have at least one shelf that is way too high to use completely. You can put it to use by installing a shelf riser. These shelf risers double and sometimes even triple the storage capacity of your shelves. Place small jars below and tall bottles above. You can even organize your pantry this way. By keeping all the pots and cans insight, you will also know when to buy more.


After a tiring day at work, the sight of a neat and clean house is enough to take off the fatigue. An organized home runs more smoothly too. So start taking note of the tips mentioned above to make your home well-maintained and neat.