Global investors are constantly searching for new and creative investment options to save their hard-earned money. Traditionally, gold and stocks are the most preferred and widely approved investment options in the international market. In recent years, Argyle Pink diamonds have become a lucrative luxury investment option for investors around the world. Let’s check out the top reasons to invest in these lucrative gemstones.

  1. Rarity And Scarcity Increases The Value Of Argyle Pink Diamonds

Coloured diamonds are valued as rare commodities. They’re mined from very few available quarries around the world. The scarcity and rarity of coloured diamonds like Argyle Pink make them more precious as compared to white diamonds.

Rio Tinto Argyle mine is the world’s largest supplier of the sparkly Argyle Pink diamonds.  As a matter of fact, it’s due to be exhausted by 2021. It has led to a huge spike in the value of the diamonds over the recent years.

  1. Jewellery-making With Argyle Pink Diamonds Is A Fashion Statement

The diamonds with purple-pink hues also comes with deeper blue-violet and fiery red tones. Each of the shades adds glamour and shimmer to a number of exquisite jewellery.

On a colour grade scale from 1 to 9, 1 is for diamonds with the deepest shade while 9 is for those with mildest tones. The deeper the shade, the more precious are the diamonds.

Matthew Ely is a renowned jeweller who specialises in making distinct Argyle pink jewellery for all occasions. When mined from the East Kimberley region, the diamonds encounter intense below-ground pressure, which results in their unique lattice structure.

Argyle pink diamonds

  1. A Steady Rate Of Growth In Value For All Investment Needs

The value of the Argyle pink diamonds has escalated by 13.8% per year, which accounts them for a stable investment. Whether you want to diversify your portfolio, save for your retirement or acquire a family heirloom, they’re a solid investment.

Purplish Pink, Straight Pink, Pink Rose and Pink Champagne are 4 main colour grades commonly found in the diamonds. Adding to it, most of the pink diamonds have a secondary colour. It makes them more rare and valuable for buyers.

Every year fewer high-value pink diamonds are found. It increases its market value at a notable rate year on year. It’s advisable for investors to make the most of the current opportunity before it’s too late. Explore and invest today to benefit tomorrow!

You’ll need to select a combination of diamonds that gives you an opportunity to sell in the future. You can also include rare, deep pink diamonds that are of high value but have very few interested buyers. A well-planned portfolio helps neutralise your initial investment. It also allows the diamonds to steadily increase in value.

Investors have developed a penchant for the pink diamonds due to its rarity and uniqueness. You can pick from a number of investment solutions that offer a range of features and benefits to Argyle pink diamonds investors. Make the right investment with the right investment solution.