Film industries around the world have continuously churned out movies of various genres to satisfy the needs of every movie buff. Following recent years, however, an avoidable sense of staleness has slowly crept and settled over parts of the global film industry, most probably due to repetitive themes or settings in specific movie productions. As consumers, this phenomenon is undoubtedly undesirable as we continuously seek out movies that feature uniquely exciting characters and scenes. In the Indian film industry, the directors, producers, actors, and actresses alike, all strive hard to create such scenes for their targeted audiences. The Indian film industry, specifically the Telugu sub-industry, have much thrived over the years simply because of its bounty of highly exciting movies. In this article, we will share with you the top 3 most interesting Telugu films for your enjoyment.

Enthavadu Gani

Enthavadu Gani is a movie centralized around Satyadev, a dominant cop known for being fearless among his fellow peers. Satyadev’s close friend Chandramukhi was found to be on the hit list of a gangster named Victor and was put under heavy police protection led by Satyadev himself after the first failed assassination attempt. Over the course of the movie, we find Viktor holding an old grudge against Satayadev and his wife Hemanika as well. Will Satyadev be able to save the lives of his loved ones and resolve Viktor’s grudge once and for all?

Mr. KK

Mr. KK is an action-packed movie focusing on the character Vasu which has his life turned upside down when he met Mr. KK, an elusive man wanted by both the gangsters and the cops. Finding himself framed as an accomplice of Mr. KK, Vasu strives hard to evade the bullets from both sides of the law. By the end of the movie, we will learn whether Vasu was able to survive and save his pregnant wife from the clutches of the gang and their moles found to be in the police department itself.


Raghavan tells the story of a Chennai-based police inspector who lost his close friend to a brutal murder in the American state of New York. Determined to solve his friend’s case, Raghavan flew to New York and set out on a quest to track down the serial killers behind his friend’s and other similar victims’ murders. His investigation led to the discovery of two surgeons, Amudhan and Ilamaaran, who were in an explicit relationship with one another while committing the gruesome crimes, all due to a traumatic incident when they were younger. Will Raghavan be able to capture these loose killers and find peace for his friend and himself?

All the movies mentioned above provide viewers with an exciting premise and action-packed scenes for that rush of adrenaline and to keep you on the edge of your seat. If any of the movies piqued your interest and you’d like to know more, rest assured as you can stream them and other types of Telugu genres all right in the comforts of your home at aha Movies!