Italy is a country renowned for many things—football, wine, and fashion included. But perhaps Italy’s greatest offering to the world has been its delicious foods, made with love and passion with recipes passed from generation to generation.

Wherever you go in the world, one thing that will meet you there is an Italian restaurant. People everywhere love Italian food and, in particular, Italian meats. In this blog post, we will highlight 10 incredible recipes featuring Italian meats.

1. Pizzaiola

Derived from Neapolitan tradition and typically cooked with tomatoes, olive oil garlic, and white wine, pizzaiola is a true classic. There exists no definitive version of pizzaiola; it can be cooked equally well using beef or chicken.

2. Braciola

Another dish that is flexible in its choice of meat, braciola consists of thinly sliced chicken, veal, pork, or beef. The meat is pounded and filled with herbs, nuts, cheese, and prosciutto, then fried in a tomato sauce until tender.

3. Saltimbocca alla Romana

A traditional Roman dish, Saltimbocca translates to ‘jumps in the mouth’ and perfectly sums up how this dish’s flavors work. Saltimbocca uses veal cutlets wrapped in prosciutto and is sautéed in white wine.

4. Cotoletta alla Milanese

Similar yet distinct from a Viennese version, this Cotoletta is a pan-friend veal cutlet that is cooked ‘bone-in’ simply with butter and bread crumbs. The Milanese version has been popular in northern Italy for hundreds of years.

5. Crispy Salami Pasta

How could we speak about Italian meats and recipes without mentioning pasta and salami. Artisan salami, from the Italian word ‘salame’ referring to salted meat, is the perfect accompaniment to pasta for a true Italian dining experience.

6. Ossobuco alla Milanese

In the Milanese style, Ossobuco is a classic of Italian cuisine. Centuries-old, this dish uses veal that is sliced horizontally and is slow-cooked in beef broth until tender. It is typically finished with gremolà, a kind of herb relish.

7. Bistecca alla Fiorentina

One of Florence’s most famous dishes, bistecca is a beef steak from Chianina cattle and is incredibly tender. Bistecca is cut tuck and grilled over a hot flame, ensuring a steak that is deliciously tender on the inside. It is simply seasoned with salt, rosemary, and olive oil.

8. Arrosticini

A wonderful street food, arrosticini skewers are made using the lamb or the meat of castrated sheep. Another centuries-old dish, arrosticini is seasoned with salt and herbs and seared on a grill.

9. Polpette

Another Italian classic is meatballs; polpette is a perfect way to being Italian flavors to the dining table. Using beef, veal, or pork, polpette is enriched with any number of ingredients, such as garlic, eggs, and parsley.

10. Porchetta

Last, but certainly not least, is porchetta. This is a boneless pork roast popular in every region of Italy, though the seasoning can vary from one place to the other. Cooked over a wood fire and thinly sliced, it goes great in sandwiches.

Discover the Deliciousness of Italian Meats

Italian meats can be used creatively to make many different types of dishes. In the Italian style, the meats are generally prepared in a simple way using just a handful of quality ingredients. If you are preparing a meal for family or friends soon, be sure to use the best Italian meats in your cooking.

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