During the winter months, kids need to be dressed appropriately for the weather. Sometimes, toddlers are not sure how to explain how they feel, whether they are feeling too cold or not. That is why if you know that you will be going out, you must have them prepared. Remember that keeping them warm means you are making them feel comfortable.

When choosing toddler winter wear, bear in mind that it should keep your little one cozy yet still allow for movement. Kids are mostly mobile and they always want to be able to move around. So before you go looking for clothes to buy at retro baby clothing Melbourne, here are some tips for you.

Prefer Light Layering

In the colder months you want your toddler to be as warm as possible. But remember that they cannot take heavy and bulky clothes, which will be too hot and prevent free movement. So prefer to go for light layers. Choose clothes made from cotton, merino wool, or maybe some lightweight polyprolypylene. These are the materials that will feel good on your child but will still keep them warm.

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Buy a Snowsuit

Once all clothes are worn and your child is warm enough, they need to have a snowsuit before going outside. When choosing one, it must be wind- and water-resistant. Ones made of nylon are the most ideal. Pick a snowsuit with a zipper that runs all the way down to the knees. This will make it easier for you to take them off later on. Cuffs should be fitting tightly around the ankles and wrists so that the cold will not creep in through it. 

Choosing Mittens

Mittens are a must-have during winter. Regular gloves are not easy to put on so it is better to stick with mittens. They are easy to slip on. They are also warmer because they keep the fingers close together. It should have a warm inner lining as well as a weather-resistant shell. It also needs to have strings to allow you to attach them to the snowsuit. 

Bring a Hat

To complete the winter gear, you always need to bring along a warm hat with you. Some kids will wear it, while others won’t. Still, it is best to have one in your purse in case you need them. Remember that when it’s cold, a huge percentage of the body heat is lost through the head. Toddlers don’t have that much hair yet so they need their head to be as warm as possible. Even if the snowsuit already comes with a hat, a fleece-lined cotton hat with ear flaps and a fastener under the chin is important to have. 

You must know what’s the right temperature for your toddler. The easiest way to tell is by feeling the temperature at the nape of the neck or touching the fingers and toes to see if they are too cold. Nobody wants their child to get sick. So make sure that during the colder months, they are dressed appropriately.