It might be hard to track your employee’s activity remotely, and you might have to install reliable software to keep an eye on them. The software might stop working after some time because the trial version might have expired, or for some unknown reason.You can find a list of softwares that are available for free when you browse for time tracking software online.

However, picking the right one from a list of many can be tasking and time-consuming. You need to make a calculated decision depending on your specific requirements.

Time clock software free like Time Clock Genie is extremely beneficial to track and schedule the payroll report online. This software is considered as the best to access the employee schedule, time tracking, and access the payroll reports. In short, it’s called “all in one solution.”

Features available with the time clock software

If you need a quick and simple way to manage your business, take advantage of the time clock software, which includes all the solutions for your business. The solution covers several features that are beneficial to track your employee’s activity, assign tasks, schedule deadlines, and manage payroll reports in one place.

1.     User-friendly

You have setup the wizard that’s quick and easy process to sign up Online Employee Scheduling, which gives a brief synopsis of the best features within the control panel. The dashboard helps you navigate without any hiccups along the way.

If you’re in need of any assistance, time clock software support is available 24/7 through phone or live chat. This software is an excellent tool for a better time management, and it’s a good idea to make it part of your work process.

2.     It’s free!

You don’t have to pay a registration fee to subscribe and handle HR related issues, such as schedule and manage the task, time track, and payroll. This software helps you calculate productive work hours that are entered automatically in the system.

3.     Security and reliability

You can rely on the software’s security feature because the data and information are protected by high data security measures. That includes the number of redundant backup system and military grade SSL encryption.

The encrypted data storage service provides safe protection and ensures the information is accessible online anytime.

4.     Custom report

You can create a detailed report of your employee that includes monthly pay and reimbursement. Using this software, the user interface allows uploading and storing monthly expense reports.

5.     Track daily activities efficiently

Time clock software is a perfect tool to track your employee’s whereabouts. You can locate the computer, and allocate the IP addresses to clock your employee’s activity in remote servers.

You have the liberty to access the tracker using smartphones, which enables specific employees to clock in and clock out.

What’s more? You can also assign tasks and manage them with the software, and get a notification when an individual or the entire team completes the assigned tasks.

Install software that includes all the features

There are many factors taken into consideration in time clock software free. The software includes employee leaves, schedule rotation, request for a change in shifts, and much more.

It allows employees to actively participate while scheduling different processes and development strategies. The software includes automated schedule change and time-off request that’s sent for the administrator’s or manager’ approval.