Every inbound call centre is quite concerned about how to improve their operational efficiency.  Some of these contact centres believe that their agents are unable to perform at par with their capability, and the decision makers of such contact centres are sincerely taking some appropriate actions focused on curing this ailment.  Sadly, most of the decision makers have to face unwanted outcomes even after trying all the far-sighted actions and strategic planning they could have to think about.  So, how does this failure happen?  As per the enriching opinions shared by outsourcing veterans, although decision makers of forward-looking contact centres are quite sincere in their approach towards improving the operational efficiency, their actions often lack pragmatism.  These outsourcing veterans feel that most of the inbound contact centres are not training their agents in a right manner, and this has actually given rise to such an undesirable outcome.

Outsourcing veterans have always talked about pragmatic ways in which individual efficiency of every agent can be improved, which can furthermore guarantee improvement in the overall operational efficiency.  Although most strategists in expert inbound call centres have been extra cautious while drafting any strategy, they have actually made blunder while designing the training curriculums of their professionals.  These strategists have although given attention to training each and every professional in any customer engagement task, but they have not actually taken into consideration the crucial aspects on which agents should be taught and trained.  Expert trainers have always felt that any training session in an inbound contact centre should be covering three major aspects as each of those aspects has its own significance.  This blog aims to shed light on three major aspects of training in any inbound contact centre.

Impart thorough knowledge about the product:  Your inbound customer care representative would be of no use for any customer if he/she does not have the fundamental understanding of crucial attributes of products.  When your customers would contact your representative through the telephone to know about any specific feature of the product, then your representative should ideally be in the position to handle every concern in a smart manner.  Similarly, if a customer shows interest towards latest offers on a specific product, then the executive is responsible to convey the appropriate and reliable message.  Herein, a minor loophole in the customer service framework of inbound call centre experts can actually have the dreadful impact.  The best way to deal with this situation is to employ only knowledgeable professionals into inbound customer service.  That’s why strategic training of inbound customer service specialists should always be focused on imparting comprehensive knowledge about the product.

Pay special attention to interpersonal skills:  Once your inbound customer support specialists have gained complete knowledge pertaining to the attributes and features of your product, they would obviously help customers understand why any issue might have occurred and the best way to deal with any pesky complication.  However, it may sound simple but conveying your message to a customer, who is shouting loudly, often becomes a challenging task for executives.  Even if a customer is not shouting, then also it cannot be deduced that those customers completely understand the solutions that the executives have discussed.  In order to have the great perspective into the same, inbound call centre professionals should be excellent in interpersonal skills.  Although some might opine that interpersonal skill is an inherent quality, nobody can actually suspect that this cannot be improved through regular training sessions.

Nourish the technical skills of professionals:  In the end, your training sessions should also be given due attention to nourishing technical skills of agents because this is a major facet of any inbound customer support framework.  If your agent is adroitly handling tech support tasks, then they can deliver the mesmerizing experience to callers, and right on the contrary, of your agent, fails to deliver the same, your callers are actually having nightmares! That’s why, all the outsourcing veterans have talked about nourishing technical adeptness of professionals, who would be taking care of the call centre customer support tasks, beforehand.  Once you have nurtured the technical skills call centre executives, you have actually covered the most critical part of any inbound call centre training session.

Conclusion:  These are the three major facets of any training sessions in an inbound contact centre.  Once a contact centre has paid due attention to these facets of training, it can easily experience improved operational efficiency.