Erasers are usually made from rubber or vinyl, which means they can be easily recycled because they don’t contain any toxins. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on the job at hand– whether for big jobs like drawing or smaller ones like correcting mistakes in homework assignments. Some people use pink/purple erasers as part of their signature style.


  • Eraser is a very useful thing in your life. It has many purposes and can be used for anything from fixing mistakes to making new ones. Here are things you need to know about eraser.
  • Erasers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors; there’s one out there for everyone.
  • If you want an eraser but don’t have any paper around, just use a piece of cloth or clothing instead. We all know that pencils always seem to leave behind little bits of graphite on the paper when we erase them- this is called smudging.
  • Eraser is a very important tool in your pencil case. It can save you from mistakes and erase the evidence of them if you need to, but it can’t work miracles.
  • There are two types of erasers, rubber and plastic. Rubber erasers are made from natural or synthetic rubber while plastic erasers are made from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). Of the two, rubber is more expensive than plastics but it lasts longer and has a better quality.
  • If you are using a mechanical pencil, then chances are that it is not. Mechanical pencils don’t have erasers because they are designed to be used with lead refills.

If you’re using an old-fashioned pencil with an exposed wooden shaft, these type of eraser can be used to remove any marks on the paper around the lead without damaging the surface of your desk like some other types of erasers do. Another great thing about rubber is that they don’t dry out because they’re not absorbent unlike their counterpart; therefore, there’s no need for constant replacement.

What you need to know before using an eraser?

There are a few things you need to know before using an eraser. For example, if the eraser is too hard on the paper it will cause crinkles or tears in the paper. When this happens, use a softer eraser. Another thing you should do before using an eraser is make sure your hand isn’t too sweaty because excess moisture can create smudges and residue on the paper.It’s no secret that erasers can be extremely helpful when it comes to removing markings and mistakes from paper. However, not all erasers are created equal – some work better than others depending on the type of mistake you’re trying to erase.