Neo4j is a graph database platform that enjoys several advantages over similar platforms. It stores data as graphs with nodes, edges, and properties. It is entirely cloud-based and allows you to select from multi-cloud options, including self-hosted, hybrid, multi-cloud, or fully managed cloud services.

Industries such as financial services, life sciences, retail, telecommunications, and government, use it for applications like fraud detection, knowledge graphs, identity and access management, and social networking.

Booking a neo4j consulting with knowledgeable experts in this field will help you utilize this platform for an upcoming project. You will benefit greatly from their expert services because it can be challenging to implement its tools and features effectively without their valuable assistance.

You will also find some of the professionals that will be ready to help you with a current, ongoing project. But before you book a consultation, what are the things you should look for? Continue reading to find out.

A Short Introduction to the Platform

It is a graph database platform that lets you manage large-scale graph databases efficiently at quick speeds. Since a graph database stores data as graphs with nodes and properties, it enables you to identify the existing relationships between them.

It offers you various products like developer tools, data connectors, GraphQL library, and Bloom, each of which has a specific use.

Unlike other databases, it stores relationships in advance rather than calculating them at query time (when you request the software for exact data). Since it keeps connections in the database, the process is much quicker and more efficient.

neo4j consulting

Because of its incredible speed, companies utilize it for various purposes, including fraud detection, knowledge graphs, master data and supply chain management, social networking, and network and IT operations.

You can either run the software with on-premise server installation, self-hosted in the cloud, or operate it on AuraDB (which does not require any admin controls).

It combines scalable speed-optimized architecture, native graph storage, and ACID compliance (ACID refers to principles that ensure reliable processing of database transactions).

How to Hire a Consulting Expert?

You will require the services of graph database experts to help you implement the software in your project or at any stage. But before you select a consultant, here are some things you must consider.

  • How much experience do they have?

It is advisable to choose a service that has successfully helped several clients with this software in the past. That way, you can be sure of receiving the advantage of experience.

  • Are they certified?

You must hire only those services with a certification showing their expertise and knowledge in this platform. A neo4j certification exam includes property graph model, data modeling, cyber syntax, development, and other subjects.

  • How much do they charge?

You should enquire about the pricing structure beforehand to avoid confusion or inconvenience later down the line.

  • What kind of solutions do they offer?

You should select a consultant that offers solutions like neo4j architecture, implementation, data science, analytics, governance, knowledge graphs, best practices, and training.

  • What do their customers say?

Browse their website and other sites to read customer reviews and ratings of their service.

You should hire a neo4j consulting service to help you make the best use of its products and valuable tools for your projects. You can use their services for data science, analytics, graph-based app development, visualization, and best practices.