Installing a CCTV for your personal space or professional space is increasingly important nowadays. It might prevent simple trespassing or to even defend against any case of theft. Setting the camera up in the required space is quite easy as there are several agencies and companies available for the job.

But when a technological device is set up in any space, regular maintenance is required to always keep its performance up. But where can one find the right person for maintaining their CCTV at regular intervals and what needs to be checked? Here is a checklist of the things needed to be checked during cctv maintenance singapore.

The Capturing Camera Lens

What good is CCTV footage if the picture quality is not clear enough? That too because of a foggy lens or the lens that is unable to focus on any scene properly? So the first step for CCTV maintenance should always be checking the camera lens. It might be damaged or cracked, too many scratch marks are also an option.

Ask the technician if there is any problem with the lens and if it needs to be changed. The camera mount has to be firmly attached such that even during falls, the lens is not damaged. Ask for the right kind of solution to regularly clean the lens and avoid the buildup of dust on it.

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The Wiring

Checking the wiring will ensure that your CCTV is still running. Sometimes, due to heat or other pests, the wires might be cut loose. Or it might get damaged as well. In such cases, even if the lenses are in perfect condition, you will not get any surveillance footage from them. You will need to call a technician immediately.

Some would suggest that it is better to change the wiring every 1 year to avoid shortcircuiting or damage due to heat and other aspects of the space.

Controlling The Control Equipment

Every CCTV has control equipment with it. This might be used to focus on a particular scene being captured by the CCTV at the moment or to survey the footage already captured. Some of these control equipment come with options to adjust the angle of view of the camera. For maintaining a good CCTV, one must know to maintain the control equipment as well.

A regular CCTV maintenance Singapore may not know to check the control equipment. So it is always better to contact the company that installed the camera for you. They will know much better about it as it is their company’s product.