Text creation encompasses the entire process of creating a text: from planning, through commissioning, creation, editing, delivery to publication.

Detailed explanation:

Website operators and publicists need up-to-date subject for their site, news page or web shop on a daily basis. Professional content design services establish exploration tool optimization and individual content that brings the broadcaste more exchange, increased books and increased deals. The procedure of text creation can be approximately distributed into three steps:

 The planning:

Before they create content, website operators should strategically plan what content they want to publish when, where and for what occasion. A good content strategy simplifies the creation of texts, supports long-term planning and thus increases the chance of successful content. Providers should not only consider the platform on which the text should appear. What is important is the purpose of the text: does it provide information or is it more for entertainment? In addition, the seeding decides-Method about the success of a text: Do I share it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social media? Or do I look around the internet for influencers who distribute content for me?

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 The creation:

Companies that do not write their own content have to hire copywriters through text agencies, freelancers or authors in text exchanges. The main task of the client is to write a clear and understandable briefing that provides all the necessary information on the desired text. It should also clarify the required services and at the same time what is offered to the authors. In the end, only exact and complete job descriptions lead to the desired texts.

On the basis of the briefing, the authors write the text, in which not only correct grammar and spelling play a role: The most important are the style, the addressing of the reader, the formatting and design as well as SEO factors that should be taken into account. The client’s marketing department should have already defined this in the content strategy and incorporate it into the briefing.

After writing, the author delivers the finished text to the customer, who should subsequently review and edit the content.

 The publication:

The edition of the subject should also be safely scheduled and well timed. The correct, mark group-specific time of publication can make a significant contribution to the stretch and achievement of a good text. A company needs to know at what time and on which channels its target group is active and react accordingly. In addition, the topicality and relevance of the content play an important role and should be taken into account in the content strategy and text creation.