Testosterone is an important male hormone that is responsible for the development of the male attributes. The Testosterone is also found in women but is in much smaller amounts.

Testosterone is an important hormone found in men. The hormone testosterone plays a vital role in men’s health. It helps to maintain bone density, muscle mass, and sex drive.  The levels of the Testosterone rise during puberty, high during late teenage and then it’s level low down. The level of Testosterone decreases slightly each year after the age of 30.

In some men, the level of the Testosterone are more than enough and it is possible that the body produce little Testosterone. When the body is not producing enough or the right amount of testosterone, the condition is known as hypogonadism. Also, it is also called as “low T”. The men who are diagnosed with hypogonadism can get the benefit from the testosterone therapy. If the men’s testosterone levels are within the normal range considering the age then there is no need for the testosterone therapy.

Symptoms of hypogonadism are:

  • Decreased body hair
  • Growth of breast tissue
  • Osteoporosis
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Weight Gain
  • Low sex drive

Causes of low testosterone levels are:

  • pituitary disease
  • delayed puberty
  • non-cancerous pituitary tumor
  • testicular damage
  • hypothalamic disease
  • genetic diseases can also affect T levels

The Low testosterone levels may also result in the decline in the strength, physical energy, stamina and also diminish the mental ability. However, the high testosterone levels also have its effects on the body. The high testosterone level results because of the exercising, using steroids, zinc rich food products, genetics, etc.

Benefit of the high testosterone levels-

  • helps to regulate blood pressure
  • reduce the risk of heart attack
  • reduce the risk of obesity

Side effects of the high testosterone levels-

  • Acne
  • Reduced fertility
  • Hair Loss
  • Enlarged prostate

The high and low testosterone levels do not cause the problem. But the treatment for the testosterone depends on the how its high level affects the health of a person. There are several treatments available to maintain the balance of the testosterone levels. Mostly the natural remedies are best to boost the levels of the testosterone, for instance, losing excess weight, eating zinc rich food, regular exercise etc. Also in the market, there is a range of supplements, available to boost the testosterone levels. By the use of the supplements better results of higher testosterone levels can be achieved.

It is imperative to be aware of the right treatment and dosage of the supplement. The dosage of the supplement must not exceed the recommended dosage. To know the exact and the safe dosage it is imperative for the people to consult with their doctor to know the daily dosage limit. As the testosterone level usually declines by age, the doctors can suggest the best therapy or supplements depending on the medical condition of a person.