Every year in India, 1000 films are released, watched by 3 billion movie lovers, making India the largest film-producing country. The Telugu cinemas, also known as Tollywood, are among the most flourishing film industries in India. It is part of Indian cinemas dedicated to the production of motion pictures in the Telugu language. It began life in the 1920s, BhismaPratighna, a 1921 film by RaghupathiVenkaiah Naidu, and leading up to the first talkie in 1931, Bhakta Prahlada. In the past, every Telugu film was shot in Bombay and, Kolkata-the centers of origin of the Indian film Industry. Vel Pictures was the first Telugu film studio in Madras established in the 1930s, marked the beginning of film production. Madras had been the center of the Telugu film industry.


Mahesh Babu is tagged as the ‘Greek God of Tollywood.’ He is one of the good-looking actors in the industry. Prabahas has been the most talked- Tollywood actor after the release of the Baahubali movie.


Telugu cinemas have an immense impact on Bollywood; most of the Telugu cinemas are dubbed in Hindi and featured in cinema halls worldwide. Every Telugu film has an intriguing story that attracts viewers to watch them and explore them.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, where all the movie halls have been closed, the entire film industry has faced an appalling loss. Therefore, many OTT platforms like Aha comes to the rescue, Aha an online movie streaming platform, provides unlimited Telugu content to watch ad-free Telugu movies and web series for free online. Aha has been a great advantage to both the film industry as well as Tollywood lovers. There are several movies to watch on aha OreyBujjiga being one of them.


OreyBujjiga: OreyBujjiga is a 2020 romantic-comedy Telugu language film with Raj Tarun, Malavika Nair and, Hebah Patel as the main cast.

The film is directed and written by Vijay Kumar Konda, produced by K.K.Radhamohan, music by Anup Rubens, and distributed on Aha.


Initially, the film was scheduled to release on 25th March 2020 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was released digitally on Aha o 2nd October 2020. The story narrates how the fate of two youngsters, Raj Tarun as Srinivas alias Bujji and Malavika Nair as Krishnaveni alias Swasthi are intertwined together. Bujji, a young engineering graduate, runs away from his village when his parents set him up for marriage. Krishnaveni, a young girl from the same village, runs away on the same day for the same reason. The villagers assume that they have eloped together and start to hunt them down to bring them back. Despite living in the same village for 20 years, both of them never knew each other. Destiny brings them together in Hyderabad, where they meet coincidentally. Bujji meets Krishnaveni as ‘Seenu’ and fears revealing his identity when he realizes that he has fallen for her. Later, love blossoms between the two main characters and, the story tell us how they sort out the confusion and make things right.


It is a fun-to-watch movie with sensational music and funny characters.

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