It is not a secret that drinking tea offers a lot of benefits for your health as well as wellness. However, only some people know that thistype of beverage can do wonders in maintainingthe health and glow of your skin. Yes, you’ve heard it right! This drink is high on polyphenols or a molecule that has antioxidant compounds that can reverse the results of UV damage and keep the skin hydrated. It also has great effects on the complexion.

While many teas have great results on skin, 1 that really stands outthe most rooibos tea.

Rooibos or red bush is a tea that is complete with tons of healthful minerals as well as antioxidants. Because of these properties, rooibos tea can help fight off asthma, depression, and cancer. Plus, it hasgreat benefits to the skin. Drink this tea and you’ll be hitting two birds with 1 stone since you’ll feel as well as look great after.  Here are several ways this drink can help you improve the look and health of your skin:

 It has anti-aging effects – with rooibos, you no longer have to look anywhere because the fountain of youth can be available in your kitchen. This tea has high levels of enzyme superoxide dismutase, which is an excellent anti-aging compound. It helps the skin produce healthier cells, offering you a more youthful glow. Superoxide dismutase even fights wrinkles as it neutralizes the free radicals that bring the aging process. Even experts are interested in the anti-aging advantages of this drink, and they are now starting to use it on more anti-aging merchandises.

It helpsget rid of acne –rooibos tea can aid treat different skin problems, such asacneor eczema. There are a lot of rooibos tea drinkers who claim that by topically applying or drinking this tea, their skin conditions have become better and also helped lessen facial breakouts. Based on thestudies, these great effects may be due to the flavonoids because they help destroy undesirable pathogens in the body.

It is antibacterial and hypoallergenic – because many are starting to use rooibos tealeaves on the cosmetic merchandises, it’s good to know that this drink is hypoallergenic. It will be easier to have skin care products that are advisable for any types of skin. Rooibos even aids inalleviating bacterial infections on the skin, making it perfect for those who already have recurring or existing skin problems.

 It is rich in minerals as well as vitamins– in addition to keeping the glow of your skin, rooibos tea is even highly suggestedsince it containstons of minerals as well as vitamins. It has zinc and even vitamin D that both endorse healthier skin.

Additional health advantages of drinking rooibos tea:

It hasmagnesium that retains the tension or the stress levels down. It even has zero caffeine properties so you don’t have to worry about being up all night even if you take it just an hour before you sleep. On top of that, rooibos has nothofagin as well as aspalathin that are best for its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, as well as anti-viral properties.

You can even count on this beverage if you desire to regulate the fat-storage hormones of the body. This is because it contains powerful and also unique flavonoid called Aspalathin thataids in reducing stress hormones that causes you to crave for more food.

 If you have any skin issues, start getting the benefits of rooibos by drinking it often. Browse through Tealy’s online store for more premium tea products.