The leather (as a material) is of natural origin because it is made from the skins of animals. It is mainly made from the skin of domestic animals, such as cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and camels. Until recently, the wild animals, such as whales, seals, sharks, crocodiles, alligators, snakes and kangaroos, were killed for thatpurpose.If you do not know how to take a good care of leather furniture about turn key projects will help you learn how to do that.

Types of leather

Napa leather

Velours leather



If the leather is not being processed, it can quickly rot. To prevent this, raw leather must be dry or salted as soon as it is being removed from dead animals. The skin is subsequently immersed in water to clean it. The leather is then soaked in a mixture of water, lime and sodium sulphide. This mixture is used to soften the hair and the upper part of the skin, so it can easily be scraped off. Maintenance is needed to preserve it in good condition. The leather requires very little maintenance, only oils to protect the skin at least twice a year.

For regular cleaning and wiping it is enough to dissolve a small amount of detergent and water or a neutral soap. Soak the cloth, and wipe the leather surface. If by any chance there is excess water after cleaning, pick it up with a dry soft sponge. After cleaning the skin surface leave to dry. Maintenance with the help of various products is performed by applying a certain amount of product on the surface after that rubbing with a dry cloth to cover the entire surface. Do not use too many products, because the leather surface may become oversaturated and greasy. Use as much as time as needed to make the surface look clean and make sure that the leather surface is sufficiently protected. Never use chemical cleaning because it can damage the leather permanently.

The oldest method is the treatment of the leather with special liquid that is made by dipping oak bark in water. Tannic acid from oak bark turns raw leather in yellowish or reddish skin material. Other ways the leather can be obtained in different colors and quality. After tanning the leather should properly be washed. After that you can use some products to make it feel soft and look smooth. There are different types of leather and all of them require different products for maintenance. But only one thing should be noted that is common for all of them – leather furniture needs to constantly be with moisture in order not break and get damaged. You can by such products in every store. If you are not very sure about which product to buy, you can ask for some tips from friends and relatives, or research it online and find what’s best for you.