If you are a homeowner seeking ideas for any kind of remodeling project, did you come up with the idea of considering a sunroom addition? Sunrooms are very popular to many homeowners for a variety of different reasons. The sunroom additions in Ottawa, ON adds a relaxing, welcoming place, and keeps the mind in a peaceful and mind-recharge space.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys the rainstorm, have a sunroom attached to your home, sit down and enjoy it without getting wet.

Versatile sunroom addition

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The versatility of the sunroom addition is a reason why it is such a hit with several homeowners starting their home improvement projects. It is perfect for entertaining guests and a relaxing place. The sunroom addition can also be a place to exercise, play games, and even create an office room that allows you to get away from the hassles of life.

Sunrooms are glass enclosures. It uses the sun for both heat and light leaves little need for the use of electricity during day time. It is a good way to maximize the enjoyment of using energy-efficient materials. The new addition to the home keeps utility bills down as well. These qualities made many homeowners like having sunrooms as an additional space in their homes.

However, like some other home remodeling projects, building a sunroom addition needs to consider some important things, such as cost. Indeed, the cost is an addition to your expenses, which can be expensive, depending on the materials to use for building and labor. Consider the materials of the walls, the type of glass to use, and the type of sunroom to build.

When speaking of the types of sunrooms, typically you will have these options:

  • Screen sunroom. It is the most economical or practical type of sunroom to build. Walls are made from a mesh allowing the air to go in, but not the insects. It is a perfect sunroom from spring through fall.
  • Knee-wall rooms. The room is made of walls that are windowsill height. It has large glass windows as well.
  • Seasonal sunrooms. A type of sunroom addition that can typically be enjoyed from the spring through fall. The room is also economical like a screened sunroom. It is not meant to be air-conditioned or heated.
  • Conservatories and solariums. These are the types of rooms ranked as top tier, both luxury and cost are concerned. The room is full-insulated, encased in glass, and built for air conditioning and heating. The rooms require a permit before construction.

With all the types of the mentioned sunrooms, build a room that confines your budget.