There are various possibilities when it comes to student housing, such as shared living areas or individual en-suites, university-owned halls, or private student accommodation. For your university experience, we’ve looked at the advantages of staying in privately operated student halls.

The term “private student housing” simply denotes that it is not owned or allocated to a single university. At least two institutions are within easy reach of all actual student private accommodations.

Purpose Built 

Private student housing is usually purpose-built in a newer building, making it instantly more appealing than traditional halls. In addition, the facilities are frequently of better quality. For instance, all of the rooms at genuine have double beds and superfast Wi-Fi; these are just a few of the advantages of going private. Outdoor areas, on-site gyms, community games areas, cinema rooms, study places, and more are typical features of student accommodation near university of adelaide.


student accommodation near university of adelaide

Private student housing is typically located near bars, stores, and cafés, making it convenient to get around. Private student halls are typically strategically located to provide the ideal blend of university life and convenient access to all of the city’s best attractions. Our lodgings are all conveniently located near academic campuses, giving you the best of both worlds.

Get to Know More People

You’ll think of all the new individuals you’ll meet at university when you think of it. Because of the wonderful social areas where you can meet other students from your apartment block, private student housing is recognized for being quite social. Facilities like chill-out spaces with sofas, film rooms, study areas, and community kitchen/lounge areas are frequently of a higher grade than those found in university-owned housing. Many private student lodgings host events for you to meet and socialize with your neighbors. The true-life curriculum at true student includes everything from culinary and fitness lessons to day trips and puppy parties.

Another advantage of private student housing is the building’s security. True student housing, for example, includes a 24-hour concierge, CCTV cameras, and key fob access, all of which are designed to keep you safe and secure. Furthermore, employees at private student halls are always available to assist you, whether it’s with your health, finding a certain location in the city, or any other assistance you may require. True’s team is always available to assist you, and we also host a variety of workshops that you can attend.