Many people have grown up watching wrestling, weight lifting and other body builders on television or in person. We always wonder what they would eat that would make them so perfect and so bulky. While most of them go through a strict diet that helps them put on weight and gain muscle strength, some of them like to jump the gun and take a short cut that would help them gain that body in a shorter span of time. They can do this with the help of steroids (or juice) as the slang would be used. Click here to know How Do Steroids Work?

A steroid is nothing but a synthetic substance that is similar to the male testosterone, which acts as a supplement to gain more testosterone in the body. These are normally recommended to men who are suffering with less testosterone in their body.   The uses of these are very limited and these have less or no side effects. This recommended steroid by physicians is called anabolic steroid. Though it is recommended by physicians, it should be taken in limited and controlled doses, as excess of anything can be dangerous.

These substances can be taken as pills or can be directly injected into the body for a quicker muscular growth. The doses that are prescribed by a doctor would be of a very less quantity and it is used to cure certain medical conditions. Some people abuse these substances by taking them in larger doses (10 to 25 times of the actual prescribed dosage by the doctor), thus making their body bulge and makes them look bulky. Steroids have a positive impact on the outer body, it helps the muscles grow faster with less weight lifting, stronger abs and arms with proper curving muscles. These doses also make the body more addicted thus creating a desperate need for them over a short period of time. Learn more about How Do Steroids Work?

However, this substance is not recommended to growing boys/ young men as this could affect the natural process and could create a room for side effects and also health complications. However, this substance is taken by some illegally in order to build the muscles and get a bulky body quickly. Although, this substance is a shortcut method the risk factors to the body are very high and dangerous. This could range from as small as pimples and loss of hair to blocking the heart and also causing tumors. Apart from this, the most common side effects that have been noticed in people is the change in behavior as these substances tend to cause a strain and irritation would result in a violent behavior from the person consuming the substance.  It also causes hormone imbalance in the body which makes men look vulnerable and causes defects in their genes which could affect them.

Overall, steroids are helpful in making our body better, provided our body is not naturally absorbent of the vitamins and food intake we have regularly. They can be used as substitutes for a shorter period of time to help overcome one or two shortfalls however, the stronger the dose the greater the impact that they have on the body.