Going through is divorce process is undoubtedly quite troublesome and painful. Even if you manage to reach a settlement after a long process of negotiation and court battle, the decree needs to be signed and approved by the judge for it to become valid.

Once it is signed by the judge, a court order is issued outlining the various aspects of the divorce including details like case number, name of the parties and details regarding child support and child custody. There can be a significant waiting period for couples before the order is signed due to some mandatory legal obligations or because of a huge backlog on the part of the judge.

Once the signing processes are completed the court clerk needs to enter the order into the court records and is stamped and dated after which the divorce is formalised.

Your association with the Brisbane divorce lawyers is over once the judgement is produced. However, it is a good idea to keep a copy of the final divorcee decree. This decree can be really helpful if you need to consult a Brisbane lawyer to file for enforcement or modification later on.

In case you cannot locate your divorce decree, a Brisbane divorce lawyer won’t be able to help you. You need to do it yourself. The best way to do that is to narrow the date down to the year when you were married. If you were married in the last 10 years, in all probability you can locate your records in the electronic database where the records area arranged chronologically.

Always keep in mind that the judgement is given by the judge and not by any Brisbane divorce lawyer.  The charges for obtaining a decree varies depending upon the state in which your divorce was filled and the charges are not uniform throughout the country. The money needs to be paid to the court clerk and not to your lawyer.

Before the court clerk sends the final decree for final approval, make sure you read the decree thoroughly paying special attention to any or every word related to how pension funds and investments should be divided or anything to do with qualified domestic order. Another important thing to note is the arrangement decided by the court regarding child custody and visitation rights. It is important that each and every word is carefully checked in order to ensure that your partner cannot misuse the decree at a later date.

Changing a divorce decree is not an easy process, only way to change the decree is through an appeal process which requires the intervention of a Brisbane divorce lawyer. However if you feel that you were forced to sign the decree under stress and did not agree with the terms and conditions you can appoint an attorney or a new hearing.

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