Good leadership qualities are inherent in most people, and anyone can lead if they wish to. As the saying goes that good leaders are not born- they are made.  One just needs to be confident and nurture some unique leadership qualities to become good exemplary leaders. Remember, a good leader always leaves a positive impression and has an inspiring presence. Followers respect leaders as they are examples that walk the talk. These leaders are ready to take up challenges that cross their path and leave an indelible mark of success wherever they go.

Stephen Varanko III – what makes a good leader?

Stephen Varanko III is enlisted in the US Navy since 2006 and is from Baldwin, Maryland in the USA. Since high school, he has been active in many leadership roles. He says that leadership is a quality that is in everyone. Some people do not even know that they have the traits of leadership in them. These traits remain dormant, and when the time comes, they flourish often coming as a big surprise to the individual himself.

Integrity with honesty

He says that one of the biggest leadership qualities in people is integrity. Good leaders are honest people and have a high level of integrity. They uphold core beliefs and stick to them. They are confident and never afraid to put their ideas into action. Good leaders believe in themselves, and they are ready to face failure in the field. These leaders understand that it is natural to fail, and this is a stepping stone to achieving their goals. They do not get disappointed, nor do they stop believing in themselves.

Dedication and commitment to the common goal

Good leaders are extremely dedicated and committed to their goals. They have a clear direction and path to attain their goals. They have an inspiring presence and are able to infuse a lot of energy and confidence in their followers. They know that obstacles are challenging; however, they never give up. They are aware of the strategies and techniques that can get success. They are patient and observant. They take the right steps at the right time to attain their vision and goals.

Communication and taking the right decision 

Good leaders are very good communicators, and they are able to take the right decision at the correct time. They know that communication should be open and transparent. They are aware of the fact that everyone should be on the same page when it comes to alignment of goals. They are excellent team managers and are very inspirational when it comes to motivation and infusing energy for the attainment of common goals.

In the opinion of Stephen Varanko III, good leaders are humans too, and they do get disappointed with failures; however, they never allow them to control their thoughts and energy. They analyze what went wrong, and they ensure that mistakes are not committed again. They bounce back on track fast and are stronger with renewed energy and spirit to attain their goals with success!