A penetration test Or any type of penetration testing, is one where the testing apprentice penetrates the body of a patient. This can be done through, either the pre existing entry points of any software or system, also known as the natural entry points or by creating artificial ones, with the help of various programmes and softwares. Either way it is a process that involves great intimacy so it is very important that whomsoever a person chooses to perform a penetration test, is one that has all the trust of the person. In order to determine, whether a person or a medical administrative assistant is well enough to perform a penetration test, Crest exists. Crest penetration testing standards are of the highest possible, legally as well as ethically. This is why achieving crest certification for penetration testing is one of the most difficult jobs and this is also why the stamp of Crest is seen as the stamp of approval by many hackers and their clients.

crest penetration testing

What is crest? And why does it give approvals?

Before we understand this, we must understand what penetration testing is. In layman’s language, penetration testing refers to a hacking engagement that is done ethically. It is not performed with the intention of causing any harm, nor do the people performing this type of hacking bare any ill will. Crest penetration testing evaluation involve a series of tests and programmes, to determine, whether a hacker is eligible to conduct such an intimate and detailed type of hacking. Crest, stands for Council For Registered Ethical Security Testers. Like the name suggest, this esteemed society, accepts only and only the most ethical of all hackers. And in order to evaluate what hackers, among the majority of lot today, are credible enough to engage in penetration testing, crest has multiple standards, one needs to match.

In today’s, tech savvy world, cyber crime has become a common sight, almost every other person, with a computer dreams of becoming a hacker, however there are few that actually wish to put their knowledge and skill set to good use. Among the few hackers that do decide to be ethical, with their use of their skill set, not everyone can be selected and chosen for performing a task as intimate as penetration testing. Not only does it open up the hacker himself/herself to sensitive information of the person on the other side of the screen, but also puts them in a position of power.