One of the suburbs in Sydney, Australia, is Seven Hills. It is under the government of the City of Blacktown. Seven Hills is also sometimes called “Sevo”, a colloquial word for it. Before the 1790s, Seven Hills was occupied by the Warmuli and Toogagal clans of the Darug nation. The suburb had a larger area before the 1900s; its parts included Bella Vista, Glenwood, and Parklea. Today, you can visit many restaurants, parks, art centres, hotels, and other recreational places in Seven Hills. Additionally, karate classes seven hills based are also available.

History of karate

One of the most popular and common types of martial arts is karate. It started during the Okinawan times when there was a need for the locals to defend themselves against Japan’s tyranny. Karate was invented because they had to learn how to fight with their bare hands since weapons and other equipment were prohibited. Karate is a Chinese word meaning “empty hands”.

In 1905, karate was introduced to the physical education classes in Okinawa for intermediate students.

In 1917, the person who showed the first karate demonstration to the public was Funakoshi.

In 1922, Funakoshi also gave a demonstration to the Kodokan Dojo. Dr Jano Kano invited him.

In 1924, Keio University was built in Japan as the first karate university.

During the 1930s, karate had reached Canada.

In 1936, a meeting about karate was held in Okinawa. Ryukyu Shimpo, a newspaper publication, sponsored this meeting.

In 1939, Shoto-Kan started operating. It is the first formal training school of karate.

In 1945, the United States opened its first dojo.

In 1949, the Japan Karate Association was founded.

During the 1950s, karate had also reached the United Kingdom, while in the 1960s, it arrived in the Soviet Union.

Today, karate is being taught worldwide. It started as an informal form of self-defence, but now, it is formalised and modified. It has evolved into a popular sport and martial art.

What is karate?

On a simple note, karate is a type of martial art that originated in Japan that teaches individuals how to properly form body movements that can act as shield and self-defence. It is mostly about preserving the physical aspect of a person, but it is also a way to improve mental health and stability. It is one way to promote holistic development upon an individual. As stated in one of the twenty precepts of Gichin Funakoshi, you attacking first is not an ideal option in karate. Karate is merely for the sole purpose of defending yourself, not the other way around. Sometimes, a suffix “-do” is added at the end of the word karate, which means way or path.


Simply put, karate-do is not just about defending your body. If you want to start learning karate, you must know that it goes beyond the self-defence applications; it is a unique way of improving an individual’s overall wellness. You must learn to strive and excel against yourself and improve from the person that you were. The benefits of learning and practising karate would be timeless. It would help you in becoming the best version of yourself. Your mindset will change and improve. You will regain your focus and ambitions. It is always better to start now, because if not now, when? Enrol in one of the training schools for karate classes seven hills offers if you live just around the suburb.