When it comes to big parties and other functional gatherings, one surely thinks of some extraordinary vehicle that would be there waiting outside. But the cost of such expensive vehicles is very much above the budget for most of the individuals. But for some special occasions like marriages or pre marriage parties, one can definitely hire one to enjoy the best phase of life. When the talk of cars comes up, one can definitely think of the Hummer Limo, which is the largest limo ever made. From its exterior shinning like a glossy paper, there is something that this car has to say to all. One can hire or rent the car for special occasions to experience that once in a lifetime opportunity. There are endless features that are attached to this limousine and therefore, the stretch hummer limo hire dream can be very much fulfilled.

What are the extraordinary features of this limousine?

Apart from the length, the car has all the luxury that is demanded all the time. With the best room for all of the guests to fit in, there is enough leg space for one and all. There are various entertainment options as well and one can even engage in a karaoke session inside as there is an inbuilt karaoke system in the car itself. The size of the limo is the primary reason as to why this car is the best one that is suited for weddings. The whole entourage of the bride and the groom can easily fit in the car, without having to crouch upon a very small space. The hummer limousines for weddings need to be pre-booked on an earlier basis so that the car is made available on that very special day. One can imagine at least 20 to 25 people coming out of that big limo all at once.

hummer limousines for weddings

How far is the ride comfortable?

Riding in the hummer limo is very much comfortable and is much more luxurious as well. There are various displays that are available within the car and there is free wine and champagne for all. Plus, the seats of the limo have extra customized cushion facility that helps to protect the back against any bumpy ride that comes forth. Additionally, there are music players in the car as well and one can tune in to the favourite music to enjoy the ride all along.

What is the minimum budget required to book the hummer limo?

In comparison to other limos, the hummer limo comes with a costlier price tag than the rest of the cars. The sole reason is because of the level of comfort and luxury and the size, which attracts the customers. But the limo is totally perfect for a wedding party, as all the members fit in properly without any shortage of space. However, in order to cut down on the price, one can book the limo earlier for some extra discounts.