The industry of automobile is seeing a sea change in every aspect of it, through the last decade. Technologies from different sector joined hands and today most of the modern cars are a display of a bundle of technologies, especially smart technologies.

In this many of the leading automotive brands are producing their own technologies to uplift the overall drive experience of car users. But the section that received the most striking achievement through technology is car safety. Big automotive brands like Hyundai are now installing their inhouse safety technologies in their recently released cars, that use smart technologies to sense what can go wrong in the coming few seconds and can take the right drive decision within a fraction of a second, in case, the driver fails to respond in time.

Hyundai names its own bundle of safety technologies as SmartSense. It is a term best used for the cutting-edge technology systems in the latest Hyundai cars to assist the driver, shared a staff of the Vallejo Hyundai dealership showroom.

What the Hyundai SmartSense Does?

Hyundai protects its users with a strong layer of protection that it administers in each of its products through its safety technology suite SmartSense. As the name suggests, Hyundai SmartSense makes use of a bunch of cameras, sensors, and radars to sense a probability of danger from every side of the vehicle. Once detected, it then starts alerting the driver, prompting him or her to take the right drive move. In case, they fail to respond in time, the Hyundai SmartSense suite starts acting on its own automatically, with the help of emergency braking.

Right from detecting a hindrance in the driveway ahead, to alerting the driver, regarding the presence of any upcoming obstacle in the blind spots, from urging the driver to keep the right drive lane to alerting other drivers, when the car is going to take a turn, Hyundai SmartSense does it all.

How it Assists the Driver

Hyundai SmartSense helps the driver follow the driving rules strictly to reduce the chances of the car getting trapped in any untoward situation, that can lead to gruesome accidents.

First it makes the driver drive within the limits of certain speed automatically that will help him to maintain a safe following distance from the cars that are driving ahead. This feature is called Cruise Control. But tomake it work effectively, the system has to collaborate with yet another technology feature, called Electronic Stability Control. It is a system that helps the drivers maintain his cool even while waiting for his chance to move in a congested road. To know what’s the picture at the spots where the driver cannot see, it enables Blind Spot Monitoring system that works in tune with Blind-spot Collision Warning system.

One more special safety and driver assistance feature that the Hyundai SmartSense includes in its package is Downhill Braking that automatically keeps the brake pedal pressed, when the Hyundai car is climbing downhill and is at a precarious slope. This feature helps the car stay in place and not roll down the hill uncontrollably, explained a test driver at the Vallejo Hyundai dealership showroom.