Every communication and message your business sends out reflects how you want others to regard you. One way to make a terrific impression is via personalized printed business stationery, which you can get printed from stationery supplies. This article explores why every small business must invest in stationery as part of its branding.

  1. Stationeries allow your brand to be consistent

Messages from notes to letters are types of communications your small business will be sending out that allow you to be instantly recognizable. Therefore, make sure to utilize your startup’s brand guidelines to inform your design direction.

Every letter coming from you should be printed on a customized letterhead with your company’s logo and any fonts you will be using elsewhere, such as your website and marketing email. It should be a match to your business card design and your compliment slips and correspondence cards. By ensuring the consistency of the design, you will be growing your brand, increasing recall of your business with all correspondents and clients.

  1. Stationeries show that you care

Since you invested time and money on your business, show how much you really care for your clients and partners. Being attentive to your everyday communication is the best way to increase your brand’s reputation.

Bear in mind that any printed stationery supplies paraphernalia, such as a business card, is a tool that allows you to excel. It is also a part of your startup, which you can hand out to networking events. Therefore, ensure that everyone you encounter will know how much you love your business by putting effort into all your printed branding.

  1. Make your business look professional

As a small business, one of your goals is to make a great first impression. Bear in mind that many people haven’t come in contact with your brand yet. It would help if you were remembered for the right reasons, which is key to expanding your business.

Small Business Owners

With personalized business stationery, you are making a statement that your business means business. For example, sending a letter with a customized letterhead design at the top shows you have exerted effort into the communication. You feel proud of your business, and you care about the receiver.

  1. Print all business details on your stationery for easy access 

Regardless of what type of stationery you are printing or designing, it is critical to include your contact details. List your business phone number and email address to your business cards and your postal address on letterheads, and always include your business name.

Like any print networking arsenal, business stationeries are so effective because they are tangible and concrete. Emails can get lost from busy inboxes, but a physical piece of paper is harder to ignore or lose. Moreover, clients are more likely to go back to it to find your contact details.

  1. Stationeries are easy to design 

When it comes to designing business stationeries, it is easy to do. There are plenty of free templates that will get you started.

A couple of elements critical to a stationary are your contact details and logo. It is a way to contact you. Another valuable detail to include is your website.

  1. Differentiate your communications

It is easy for your email to get lost in the sea of digital information. Statistics determined that the average office worker will be receiving a staggering 121 emails daily.

Therefore, sending an email to thank your customers for their purchase won’t create a huge impact compared to a handwritten compliment slip or your business card in the mailbox.