Slip and fall accidents can lead to severe injuries like brain and spinal cord injuries, hip fractures, and shoulder injuries. According to the New York department of health report, the annual fall-related hospitalizations are high in the state. The report states an average of 52,673 hospitalizations due to fall accidents.

In many cases, the individual who has suffered injuries is not the one to be blamed. The accident could be the result of negligence towards maintenance by the property manager or the house owner. This article discusses specific steps you need to protect your rights after a slip and fall accident.

Get Medical Treatment

Timely medical treatment plays a critical role in reducing further damage to your body and might prevent loss of life. In White Plains slip and fall lawyers state the doctor examination can help document the slip and fall accident.

Medical examination can serve as primary evidence when you file a claim. You need to follow the doctor’s order after treatment. If you don’t get medical treatment, the opposite party may claim that you did not get hurt.

Take Photos of the Site and Your Injuries

Do you know more than a million people need emergency care after slip and fall accidents? Documenting evidence of the accident and events that follow can help you file a personal injury claim. If you can take photos after an accident without risking your health, take pictures of the site.

You need to capture photos that give a clear idea about the injuries you suffered. Take pictures of the cast, bandages, and various injuries on your body. Make sure you take pictures of your injuries before they are cleaned.

Prepare a Case File

The CDC survey findings show the average cost of slip and fall accidents is around $30,000 to $40,000. You can get medical compensation if you can provide evidence that the opposite party is at fault. According to White Plains slip and fall lawyers, documentation plays a vital role in filing a personal injury claim.

You need to prepare a case file and save all documents related to slip and fall accidents. Keep all bills of medical treatment and other accident-related expenses. It would help if you also wrote down the events before the accident. For example, if you went shopping or ate something at a restaurant, keep a note of it.

Retain Shoes and Clothes You Had Worn During the Accident

The clothes and shoes are part of the evidence to depict the seriousness of the fall. Don’t wash or throw the clothes away.

Do Not Assign or Accept Blame

It would help if you refrained from accepting or assigning blame after an accident. A thorough professional investigation is essential to establish fault. Do not sign on any documents provided by your insurance company. Also, avoid giving any statements about accidents to anyone at the site or hospital.

Contact an Attorney

You need to contact an experienced slip and fall attorney and share details about the accident. Also, share the documented evidence and expense documents to help the attorney study your case in detail.

To sum up, these are some of the critical things you need to do after a slip and fall accident.