To further and strengthen the growth and progress of our newborns, our trained baby caregivers create weekly daycare activities based on observations. Our childcare center’s goal is for newborns to develop into bright, self-assured adults. We serve as role models we want to teach because we know children learn by seeing and being cared for properly. Babies have plenty of time to play on the floor. Moving and stretching are essential for gaining self-confidence and physical control, so having a caregiver nearby helps. Know all about infant care centre singapore.

Safety, baby appeal, and form flexibility all go into the selection of our newborn toys. When selecting toys, we consider their capacity to engage the child’s creativity while avoiding over-stimulating encounters.

Our babies’ sensory, cognitive, creative, social, and emotional development is aided by one-on-one interactions and a low infant-to-adult ratio.

The program aims to provide newborns a sense of safety and emotional connection by fostering relationships based on mutual respect, responsiveness, and reciprocity with their primary caregivers. Because of our center’s daily schedule, we can help our newborns learn and grow beneficially. In Singapore, our babysitters are held to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics and must perform reflective practices regularly.

Parents will also be pleased to learn that our cost-effective programs provide outstanding value. As a result of our commitment to providing only the highest quality care, there are no surprises or extra expenses in our baby care prices.

infant care centre singapore

Please look at what makes our program unique and how we guarantee that every child and toddler in our care grows holistically. For a tour of the facility immediately, get in touch with us.

Toddlers’ Gym

Baby and toddlers benefit from locomotor and non-locomotor exercises on our designed play equipment and our cushioned obstacle course.

The Literacy of Tots

Children’s curiosity and exposure to reading and bilingualism are piqued by our vast selection of rhymes, songs, and tales in both English and Chinese.

Little Music for Tots

A baby’s creative development is greatly aided by exposure to music. Rhythm, music awareness, and expressive movements are all developed in young children through musical instruments.

Artwork Created by Young Children

It helps people develop their senses & interest in painting via the discovery of colors, textures, and paint.

Tots’ sensory exercises help children of all ages become more aware and begin developing language skills as early as possible. We encourage your kid to become more aware of their environment with our Tots’Sensory program.