While furniture is an additional expense in your home décor, it can make all the difference. Furniture shopping is fun but when it comes to making a decision, it will confuse you – after all, there are many manufacturers and pieces available.

Your goal here is longevity that is why you have to look for Quality furniture on sale. If it is your first time buying furniture, you should be equipped with the right knowledge so you can quickly spot quality furniture. Here’s a simple guide to assessing furniture quality:

Understand wood types

The wood type will pretty much determine the quality of the furniture.

  • Solid wood: if you want to use the furniture for a longer period of time, you need to look for solid wood. Keep in mind that solid woods are durable that is why they are more expensive. Solid woods do not have visible layers.
  • Plywood: if solid wood is too much, you can consider plywood. Plywood can be solid and it could last a good amount of time – as long as it contains adequate layers. Experts recommend that you look for nine or more layers of plywood.
  • Veneer: this refers to a cheaper wood covered with a thin layer of high-quality wood. Although they are not as good as solid wood, beautiful pieces could be crafted out of it.
  • Other types of wood: there are many types of wood and each type has something unique to bring to the table. For instance, oak wood is distinctive while pine wood is relatively soft so it dents easily.

Quality furniture on sale

Focus on other signs of quality

Aside from the wood types, you need to focus on other signs of good quality like the following:

  • Finish: you should make sure that the finish is even across the whole piece. This will ensure a nice and uniform color. If the finish is not even, it could indicate that it has been cheaply done.
  • Stability: a good furniture piece should feel stable. When trying it out, you need to lean on it or sit on it. You need to ensure that it feels solid. If it wobbles, it is likely that it is not good quality.
  • Joints: joints will also indicate good quality. There are joints that are more stable like dovetail and mortise-and-tenon joints. If you can identify such, you will have a higher quality of furniture.

Know what to avoid

You need to avoid the following:

  • Low quality of joints: you should avoid lower quality like dowel joints and butt joints.
  • Staples and nails: wood should be joined together with glue and screws – not staples or nails. Screws can help the furniture pieces last longer because it has a better grip. As for the glue, it gives the piece stability.

Bottom Line

Your goal here is to find Quality furniture on sale. If there are no furniture pieces on sale, what you can do is to hold off the purchase until it coincides with a spectacular promotion. More importantly, if you consider buying online, you have to identify a reputable and trustworthy shop by reading some reviews.