Are you seeing a lot of eyelash fall recently? If yes, then it is mainly because of two reasons. Either you are not taking enough care of your eyelashes or you are using a lot of cosmetic products which are causing more damage than good to your eyelashes.

Want some free tips on improving and strengthening your eyelash lining without spending too much money?

Here you are going to get it for absolutely free.

Yes, it’s true that apart from using your Careprost eye drops there are some simple and easy homely substances that you can use to grow your sparse eyelash cover.

But most of us do the opposite of this. That is they would but a lot of potions and serums for eyelashes that claim to be natural and you can get long and strong eyelash within days of using.

But did you get any benefit?

We don’t think so.

Trust us and take our free tips and try them for a few weeks. If you get any significant visually appealing benefit then congratulations to you as you have got long and darker eyelash lining.

But in case you don’t then also we congratulate you as you have not spent hundreds of dollars on those wasteful cosmetic substances.

Don’t use any synthetic eye serum before asking an eye specialist

You should generally confirm with an eye specialist before applying these synthetically produced cosmetic products.

Remember that there are loads of products out there that claim to be natural but in reality, they are exactly the opposite of that. You have tried that before without any significant benefits, right?

So why fall into this false trap again? Instead, check out safemg online medicine store and find some 100% natural products which are clinically approved for stronger and healthier eyelashes.

Know about the items that can assist you in longer and stronger eyelash growth

The items that we will specify here are at your home. You did not know till now that some of these products can that are in your kitchen or make-up desk can help you in repairing your poor eyelash lining and replenishing it with longer and stronger eyelashes. People also use Bimat Eye Drops to get dark and long eyelashes.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is a substance that you can easily get in various fairness and lip balms. Petroleum jelly is good for your eyelashes as it moisturizes dry eyelashes.

The dryness of your eyelashes could be one of the reasons linked to their premature fall.  Apply them at night so that they can rest the whole night. In the morning you can wash it with clean water.

Green tea

Did you know about the benefits of green tea on your eyelashes apart from their usual weight loss benefit?

This time you can try out a new thing with green tea. So make green tea and allow it to cool down. Then use a fresh cotton strip and dip it into the green tea and then gently rub along the eyelash lining.

You can do this 3 or 4 times and week and voila you have just found the cheapest remedy for your sparse eyelash lining at your home.

Castor oil

Castor oil helps your eyelashes to become stronger and prevents premature fall. Thus by applying generous amounts of castor oil to your eyes using eye mascara you will be able to prevent the premature fall of your existing eyelashes.

Olive oil

You see that dried eyelashes can occur due to various reasons such as exposure to dry heat, excess pollution this can be completely natural.

 We already mentioned to you above that you can use petroleum jelly but if you don’t have any fairness creams and lip balms at home then you surely have an oil kitchen right?

Use small amounts of it and gently apply it on your eyelash lining using eye mascara.

Aloe vera

  So far you only knew that aloe vera is good for your hair growth right? But then did you test it on your sparse eyelash lining for increasing eyelash follicle growth?

If you have not then tried out any aloe vera gel in small amounts and apply them on your eyelash and allow them to stay till it eventually dries out. Believe it or not, this can be one of the best natural supplements that you can use to grow the density of your eyelashes apart from using Careprost eye drops.

Comb your eyelashes daily

Yes, daily combing of your eyelashes will allow them to become stronger from the follicle. They will naturally grow stronger and darker. You should ideally comb your eyelashes with an eye brush or eye mascara once or twice daily.

One bonus tip for you is that you should always ensure to remove your eye makeup before combing and grooming your hair.

Make sure to try out any product only after gaining approval from a doctor.