One can trace the evolution of nightwear back to the Victorian era. Up until the 19th century, elaborate gowns were the preferred nightwear. The sleepwear underwent numerous changes as the years went by. From nightgowns to today’s silk camisole, comfort has been the deciding factor.

Sleep-time requires utmost comfort to get an undisturbed and vital 6 hours of rest. Without this essential recharge time, the body may not work as efficiently. Silk is a naturally derived fabric that offers the ultimate comfort to its wearer.

Australian celebrity Nicole Kidman is often spotted wearing silk dresses. Instagram pages are overflowing with models and celebrities wearing silk pajamas, which one can also wear outside if styled properly. Not just celebs, anyone who has gone silk does not go back.

The reasons for why silk is preferred are:

It is the best option for nightwear:

Silk is made by silkworms, to protect themselves during the pupal stage. Sericulturists harvest this silk and weave the thread obtained into a fabric. It is appealing to the eyes and has healing qualities for the skin. Silk robes, pajamas, silk camisoles, and gowns are a fine choice for nightwear due to these qualities.

Acts as a Heat Barrier

Silk is known for its properties of providing insulation from heat. It forms a barrier from the outside heat, and when worn, it keeps the wearer warm if the temperature outside is cold. It keeps the body cool during hot weather. It was revered during the olden days and was the most preferred fabric of royalty.

Provides Comfort during Hot Flashes

Silk helps reduce the symptoms of hot flashes. Women between the age of 45-55 start experiencing hot flashes as a result of menopause. Hot Flashes are highly uncomfortable and are frustrating for women who undergo them.

The doctor’s suggestions to minimize such incidents include wearing light clothing. Silk is recommended as it both light and keeps the body temperature under control. It is soft to touch and is a breathable fabric that is a respite from the heat.

Helps in Moisture Control:

Silk has properties to retain moisture. People with dry skin or whose skin looks dehydrated should opt for silkwear. It gives a noticeable effect. Try wearing silk clothes and observe the results on the skin. It contributes to soft and hydrated looking skin.

Remedy for Sensitive Skin:

Silk is excellent for sensitive or easily irritable skin. Because of its natural origins, it has numerous benefits that mother nature has bestowed upon it. One of the advantages is its anti-microbial quality.

Studies have found that people using silk have reduced symptoms of skin irritation. It reduces skin drying, which is one of the significant causes of skin inflammation. It is ideal for those looking for fabric that does not aggravate their skin conditions.

One-stop solution for a Good Night’s Rest:

A high population of Australians suffers from lack of sleep. One of the contributing factors to this condition is the lack of comfortable nightwear and bed covers. Uncomfortable sheets and fabric disturb sleep and irritate the skin. Using silk removes all discomfort.


  1. Use silk pillowcases to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Studies have proven that this fabric enhances the texture of the skin.
  2. Use a silk bonnet or scarf to cover the hair while sleeping, as it prevents hair breakage and keeps it silky soft.


Silk is not merely appealing to look at for the human eye. It is an intelligent purchase decision as it has several benefits. It regulates and maintains the body temperature, keeps it comfortable and cozy. After all, is not comfort the most vital factor of all?