During rainy or snowy weather, your wiper blades keep your visibility clear when driving. They play a significant role in keeping you safe. That is why it is expected for your windshield wipers to have wear and tear. It is crucial that you know when you should have them replaced. So here are the signs that tell you that it’s time to look for tridon wiper blade refills.

Wear and Tear on Rubber

If you inspect your windshield wipers, the rubber should be in one smooth piece. It should not be cracked, split, or broken. If there are any visible imperfections, then it is time to get new replacements. And sometimes, even if it does not show any of these issues, but when they look rounded, that means the rubber is too old and should be replaced as well.

It Causes Streaks On Glass

When you use your windshield wipers and it crates streaks or film, you usually spray fluid to clean it off. It may happen even with wiper blades that doesn’t have any visible damage. But if it keeps happening, then you know that it’s time to change them, especially when it does this during rain or snow. This is not the time for your wiper blades to mess up because you need the clearest vision of the road when driving.


Noise When Dragged  Across the Glass

If you switch on the windshield wiper, it should not create a chattering sound or noise as it drags across the glass. The noise can be irritating and they need to stop. Aside from the annoying sound, this also means that the wiper is not actually cleaning the windshield as it is supposed to. And that is not something that you should take for granted. When the glass is not cleaned, it can lead to vision problems while you are driving during rough weather.

Season Changes

One of the reasons why you should get new sets of wipers is when the season changes. Remember that you should use different types of windshield blades during winter even if the ones you are using now are functioning properly. You need to get those that can withstand the cold temperatures which can also freeze your windshield if you are not using the right one for the weather.


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