When you are chilling in front of your computer screen, it does not necessarily mean you are alone. The hackers never rest. They are always trying to look for some vulnerable areas on the laptop or the computer from where they will steal the data. When we browse through the internet, we might come across certain sites where you might click, and this simple click might give access to your computer to a hacker. There are a lot of hackers present who know how to spy on someones computer.

If you are interested to know about signs that say that your computer has been hacked, you can go through the points mentioned below:

  1. Laptop or the computer discharges very fast

When there is some unwanted software running on your computer or laptop, it uses the system’s CPU. Some of these programs might be computer viruses. If your laptop or computer’s battery life has gone down, then that might also mean that your computer or your laptop has been attacked by malware or has been hacked.

    1. Programs crash very fast

The hackers are always trying to find out new ways with the help of which they can collect your data. They might need to add a code in the apps of your phones and then collect the data through that code. To protect your data, it is highly recommended that you have complicated passwords. You should also not save your financial details on your computer.

  1. Your laptop or computer suddenly runs slower than usual

You might have bought a new computer or a laptop. However, it suddenly starts running very slowly. This is something that you should be cautious about. If such a thing happens then, there is a possibility that your system has been hacked. This can be because your computer has been infected by dangerous malware.

  1. You will suddenly see that the webcam will start recording

There are times when you will find that the webcam is working, but the microphone is not. This is an alarming sign. If someone tries to steal your data or spy on you, then they will use the webcam. The best thing that you can do in such a scenario is to cover the camera. Make sure that you turn on the microphone only when required and make use of a strong password.

  1. If you find unknown lights blinking on your computer

When someone is controlling your computer, there is a possibility that you will find suspicious lights blinking on your computer irrespective of the fact that you are not doing any activity on the computer.

  1. Home page might change suddenly

When your system has got hacked, you might notice that the browser’s homepage changed suddenly. Moreover, there is also a possibility that you might try to open a site, but a completely different website may open up. This means that there is a possibility that there is some spying software that has infected the computer.

If your computer has a low battery life or if you see that specific programs are not responding, then that might mean that a hacker is accessing your system.